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At times I visit my friend’s home & being taught
in Vietnamese cookery.
Today’s point is fastening banana leaves tightly by straws.
It is not so simple to do it.
Professional work is consistently of high quality.
Thanks for her teaching.


Yesterday, in U café was crowded by people

who were interested in culture of CơTu folks.

Some’re eagerly devoured the hands for weaving performance

Some’re danced with CơTu,

 The other was taught a handmade wooden guitar of CơTu.


As for me, I enjoyed their alcoholic drink made from wild leaves  & trees.

Thank you for CơTu folks & participants.




mother and child

In the Da Nang Museum, it has started a special exhibition

concerning Agent Orange used by the U.S. Army in its aggressive war.

Some photos of victims are too horrible to look at.

I again realized that people has something cruel to produce such a cruel weapon under one’s circumstances.

Attention please!
Today I inform you the next U Café event.
U-Cafe CoTu ← Please click here to see the flyer!
(flyer by Matt)

CơTu (or KơTu) people are living in Quảng Nam province.
Their lives are so cool.
Hearing their speech,
you’ll be interested in their lives
& want to visit their villages.
Please join this event!

The day before yesterday, I participated at Danang port
the bicycle picking up work with 4 Japanese friends.
During the work I found a difference between
a Vietnamese & a Japanese by their way of working.
A Japanese works with full force prefiguring ones later work.
A Vietnamese works setting aside ones strength.
At the end both of them completed their work in time.
I again realized that a Japanese & a Vietnamese had
different histories, cultures & traditions.
Which way do you chose to work?
660 B's at DAFOOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA65 bicycles on
These bicycles will be donated school students
who go to school, long distance on foot.
I hope you’re enjoying the summer!

Two years & a half has past after the accident of

Fukushima nuclear power station.

Still a lot of people are not able to come back to their homes

because of the safety of it hasn’t been ensured.

We people can’t assume its accident.

Nobody can foresee what breaks out with it.

On the other hand, there are some people to threaten others with a power shortage.

Money is dear to them, I may say.

As you know, once a nuclear accident will happen again, we’ll be lost.

I don’t trust such a candidate with the future of my home country.

Thank you Arthur!

We’re examining water quality in the ponds of U Café every 2 months.
For these some months, the septic tank hasn’t been working well.
Because of it, I can’t say that water quality of U Café
is in good condition these days.
Sorry for that.
The result of the tests is as follows:
a: pond on 2F, b: pond on 3F, c: the river in front of U Café,
d: BaLe well (giếng Bá Lễ)
COD a: 20 b: 50 c: 20 d: 5
TN-i a: 5 b: 5 c: 5 d: 10
NO3 a: 0.2 b: 10.5 c: 0.2 d: 10
PO4 a: 0.1 b: 0.1 c: 0.1 d: 1
NH4 a: 0.2 b: 0.1 c: 0.2 d: 0.2
State your impressions on it, thank you in advance.

I watched a news about an eco-tour around Hội An.
You’re curious about it, aren’t you?
Hội An is known as a cultural site of World Heritage
with its group of houses & streets.
These streets give us a nostalgic feeling.

It is surrounded by paddy fields.
From there on, there are mangrove forests.

Please visit this lovely city & the suburbs.
Don’t forget to visit U Café Hội An !