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These are the staff’s creation today.



Banh Troi

Banh Troi

They have wealth talent !


How about

Original Coconut Paper Card by U Cafe

coconut paper card

        coconut paper card made in HoiAn

Tết draws to a close.

New Year holidays of U Cafe is

from the 28th, Jan (Sun) to 31st, Jan (Tue).

a umquat with fruits in the suburbs of HoiAn

Kumquat trees are already fully ripened & waiting for you!


Today with 6 university students from DaNang,

we again checked water quality at some points

in Hoi An City.

We perceived some differences from our past data:

e.g. water temparature, the water level in some wells etc..

We’ll continue to watch over water in the city

desiring for safety & health of citizens.

1st well

1st well

3rd well

3rd well

at a watergate

at a watergate

We’ll return to business as usual tomorrow.




All the staff of U Cafe

wish you a happy New Year!

infront of the cafe


Mr.Khoa performs on the New Year’s day