Archives for the month of: February, 2016

Yesterday, the first full moon  day, one high school girl

visited U Café.

She visited U Café to say thank you  for the bicycle donation

by Japan-Vietnam Friendship Association Kawasaki branch.

She was one of the bicycle recipients in the year 2014.

Eyes dimming with tears, she repeated thank you &

thank you.

I thanked to her seeking me & U Café out

in HoiAn  far from her home town.


I look forward to seeing you soon again.

& May her be happy !



NPO Sodateru-kai has been doing work shops in

the central Vietnam.

We U Café helps to arrange the activities.

Yesterday & today, Japanese & Vietnamese students

experienced the prawn-fishing with fisherman’s family.

Fisherman’s couple introduced a lot with students

from their romance to the issue concerning succession etc..
I thank for the couple talked with the students frankly.




to the students:

Have you got  a lot of fun memories?


Tomorrow is the last day of the year.

People in the city are busy getting ready

]for the New Year.

The year-end flower market has started at the main streets.



New Year’s Day is the day for making plans for

the year.

What will you make for the year ?


We thank you for always giving us your patronage.

The scheduled  TET holidays of U café is as follows:

07 Feb. 2016:                                 close at 17:00.

From 08 Feb. to 12 Feb. 2016:      closed

13 Feb. 2016:                                 starting operation


We’ll do our best for an intimate café

with delicious menu.

May the year of monkey bring you

a every happiness, prosperous & good health to you.

See you soon!