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We’ll be donated one unused  laptop computer
from NPO E-parts in Tokyo.
We’re highly pleased of this valuable gift &
utilize it  effectively for our activity.

Thank you so much for the decision of E-parts again!



We’ll change business hours for 2 days as follows:

9th, Mar. (Sun) from 08:00 to 16:30

10th, Mar. (Mon) from 12:00 to 21:00

We’re very sorry for your inconvenience.


After tried several times to find out the best recipe, we are glad to serve “Nghêu hấp” (steam clams) dish to you. With lemongrass, a little ginger and chili seasoning in dish, you can taste freshly claims with sourer salt and pepper, and nice soup.


We have also tried to do homemade and organic pickle. The successful result after 3 days you see as below. Good taste with drink.



Two girls brought sunshine to U cafe this morning.

They came to U cafe second time and Reiko gave them two pieces of bread to feed fishes. They were so happy to take this work.

They have been in Hoi An two months to learn Vietnamese-their mom’s language as well as explore the home town of their mother. They have learned Vietnamese so past. Although they were shy to speak to me by Vietnamese, sometimes older girl had to get help from mom about how can reply me, they are so great.

Before left, they said “Chào cô!” and smiled. I hope in the future, I will come back Vietnam and be confident of their Vietnamese.