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10月31日発売の季刊雑誌 ‘CANVAS’ に U Cafe が掲載されるそうです。どうぞお手にとってご覧ください!

U Cafe will be featured in Canvass, a magazine published in Japan which will go on sale on 31 October.


The weather turned today in Hoian.

But heavy rains and flooding in the last week,

left great damage in some provinces in central region.

I’d like to express my sympathies to the victims.

I expect no more severe damage by typhoons.


Today, U cafe staffs are making a neat job of ToTu weavings.

We’ll sell them soon!

to complete weaving





I went to a small private special school

to do inspections with my friends the other day.

The principal of the school cares disabled children

with some staffs in his center,

even though he himself has visual defects.

Under great disadvantage,

praiseworty person like him devotes oneself for others.

At this school, I keenly realize the necessity of

social safety nets for vulnerable Groups .


new school house

photos: students in a classroom, &

the new school house under construction





You can enjoy water lilies in our Cafe,

drink with organic drinks,

and a healing time in it !

Please be free & relax in our Cafe.

In the last week, I participated a conference

for environmantal protection in Danang.

Publicators presented their activity reports in detail &

answered questions to eager questioners politely.

I was impressed their profound knowledge &

untired attitude for their projects.





One of our projects to cooperate with CoTu weavers

are in the final process now.

We’re now investigating products before shipping.

Please see the finished ones.