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The repair work of U café has started the final process.

Thank you for your waiting.

We’re looking forward to seeing you !


IMG_1461_2 IMG_1460_2


U café is being renovated now.


We will reopen in this week.

I am sorry for causing you trouble.

IMG_1364_2 IMG_1361_2

These photos are trial menu and will be on the menu soon.

Thank you for waiting! See you soon!

Vì lý do sửa chữa, quán thông báo đến quý khách quán TẠM NGHỈ từ thứ Bảy 06/06/2015 đến thứ 2 ngày 08/06/2015, quán sẽ mở cửa phục vụ quý khách vào thứ Tư ngày 10/06/2015

Quán rất xin lỗi quý khách và cảm ơn quý khách đã ủng hộ quán.

We will close from June 06 2015 (Saturday) to June 08 2015 (Monday) and reopen in June 10 2015 (Wednesday) because of repair work.

Thank you and see you again.