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We’ve started to offer Fresh menu !

Dâu Tằm (mulberry) for smoothie & yoghurt.

It’s only this season.

And a cake by peanuts covered by sticky rice,

named Bánh Xoài in Vietnamese.

             (banh xoai)

Please don’t miss them!


I visited the corn-milk factory & corn fields

in Cam An ward.

Corns are growing very well in sunny places.

corn field in Cam An ward

The taste of corn-milk is delicious!

If we find that they are not

genetically modified ones,

we’ll serve them for you at U Cafe.



Summer has come to Hoi An.

Weather forecast says RealFeel® 41°C in Hoian’.

But in our cafe, the fresh wind blows through.

By the way, we received the new organic coffee beans

& honey from the farmer in Buon Ma Thuot just now.

new coffee beans

Please come & taste the new coffee beans .




Luckily we’ve got the 2nd mulberry

of this year.

We’re ready to make yoghurt &

smoothie with it.

See you soon!

Dau Tam-2

One of our dairy pursuits is

trying to make yummy & healty foods.

Today’s sweet is chè trôi nước với.

 We’ll prepare it with hạt sen.

It’ll be on your table soon.


Tomorrow, we’ll check the water

quality in HoiAn again.

For it, we’ll close our business


Very sorry for your  inconvenience.

See you on Monday!


Today I introduce our

Banh My (Vietnamese sandwich) Teriyaki.

It has chicken cooked with teriyaki sauce.

Please relish our teriyaki Banh My.

Banh My Teriyaki

Banh My Teriyaki

☆  News:

New organic coffee beans have arrived

from the farmer in Buon Ma Thuot.

☆ One new staff started working with us.

She’s immediately gave a challenge for

Sushi.  She has a feel for beauty isn’t she?

Vegi Sushi

Vegetable Sushi

Please taste our new beans & Sushi !




At last, Bright & clear sky came back to Hoian.

From U Cafe, you may see the peaceful


Now is a pleasant season for sightseeing.

Please visit Hoian & enjoy our Sushi menu.

rising sun

rising sun

teriyaki chicken sushi

teriyaki chicken sushi



We started to offer Banh My Teriyaki & some drinks.

Banh My Teriyaki

Banh My Teriyaki chicken


pineapple smoothie

pineapple smoothie


mulberry Yogurt

mulberry Yohgurt


Mulberry has arrived.

It’ll be soon on your table.

Merry Christmas for you & everybody!