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15:00 today, a typhoon warning was broadcasted

by Hoian city.

It’ll go on shore tomorrow morning

in the central Vietnam.


U Cafe has closed today, may be tomorrow too.

Please act carefully!



Today, an interview team from Apple Daily in Hong Kong visited U Cafe. Young charming interviewer & the photographer led us & guests to join the recording work in a relaxing manner.


Taking photos on the wood deck

today’s sushi


What an elaborate and delicate work they do: Water recycling system, eco-energy construction, feeding goldfish with a guest girl, composting etc… they collected data of U Cafe.

Thank you Wai Ping & Hing Chuen!



U Cafe was covered by VTV8 on the last Monday.

Reporters were interested in our waste water treatment system.

Thanks for their interview !

septic tank 1st

septic tank 5th


Visiting a hospital in Da Nang with Ms. Le Ly. The building looks nice from the outside, and with devoted medical staff provides medical care and services for many patients. There are also issues: One of them is hygiene..

Towards surging patients it doesn’t have enough space. Also it is in short supply of equipments & nondurable goods.

The babies in this hospital have problems differing from orphans in Quang Chau pagoda to whom we’ve been caring for.





One of our dairy pursuits is

trying to make yummy & healty foods.

Today’s sweet is chè trôi nước với.

 We’ll prepare it with hạt sen.

It’ll be on your table soon.


Tomorrow, we’ll check the water

quality in HoiAn again.

For it, we’ll close our business


Very sorry for your  inconvenience.

See you on Monday!


How about

Original Coconut Paper Card by U Cafe

coconut paper card

        coconut paper card made in HoiAn

Tết draws to a close.

New Year holidays of U Cafe is

from the 28th, Jan (Sun) to 31st, Jan (Tue).

a umquat with fruits in the suburbs of HoiAn

Kumquat trees are already fully ripened & waiting for you!


Due to the flood

we continue to close today.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

infront of U Cafe now

infront of U Cafe now

A warning was given again for this flood

by the city wired broadcast.

It is said that tonight, land phase of flood

will be 200cm high.

It’s 40cm higher than the last night.

Please take care of a violent flow of water.

infront of U Cafe-02PM 14:00

infront of U Cafe17:00 17:00

Infront of U Cafe flooded! already.

U Cafe & Kolo are closed this PM & tomorrow.

Please take care of yourself.Flooded city center dsc_0009