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It’ll be held a SKY DRUM concert in U Cafe soon.

It’s a original musical instrument made by a percussionist

by himself.

Please check his Facebook page & enjoy his performance

with us.

Info about the concert:


His FB page:

See you!


After putting the latest article about our recepi to make soap,

we received plural application from who want to do it.

Our leader Megumi-san will have a work shop in the end of August.

She will teach you both minute and detailed how to make it.

Please wait around a month.

On the other hand, U Cafe staffs make soap  frequently.

Let’s make soap by basic way together!


place: cafe Kolo (Colo)

address: 8C Nguyen Thi Minh Khai str., HoiAn

Tel: 05106547303

date & time: 14:00 ~15:00,  3rd August (Wed)


Thank you for your concern on our activity

& concervation of river emvironment.



What do you use to wash your dishes in your home?

In U Cafe, we use soap made from used oil from our kitchen.

So this soap is recycled resources.

Responding to our guests, to day I put our recipi how to make

soap taught by Megumi-san.

We’ll have a workshop how to make it too.

Please contact us if you’re interested in.

how to make soap

how to make soap by Vietnamese


Yesterday, an eco-friendly hunting event was held again in U Cafe.

Participants were students in secondary schools near-by.

They investigated & found around 20 equipments in the cafe!

I was surprised their previous studying, their willingness

to study & their interest in environment conservation.

U Cafe is a right place to do such a treasure hunting.

I’ll gladly welcome your proposal.

Have a good weekend!



I & one staff of U café visited a weather observation station nearby.

It’s one of the local stations of VN government & there’s one more station at the upper stream of Thu Bon river.

The work of this station in HoiAn are data collection & accumulation of water level, weather data,

etc. on the hour without holidays.

The station shares the accumulated data with local government for protecting people from natural disaster.


Mostly every year it comes a flood around Hoi An. At that moment we can get the precise forecast of it on the cable broadcasting.

Thank you for their steady effort.

It’s held an eco-friendly goods hunting event

by one group in U Cafe yesterday.

Highly conscious participants of environmental

protection,  searched eco-friedly facilities in U Cafe.

It’s a very interesting for me to exchange opinions &

ideas with them how to be eco-friendly.

Now let me introduce key words being eco-friendly in the cafe.

  1. Circulation of air, water, foodstuffs
  2. inslution
  3. the utilization of solar heat

Thanks a lot for them sharing a fabulous & meaningful time!






We’ve started our water qualiry check 2016.

Yesterday was the first day of it,

we checked 15 points in the city.

I show you some photos of our activity.

Thank you for university students from D.H. Bach Khoa DN.

at NTMK street

wedding party on the way to the well

WQC in U Cafe