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Last night,  the flood warning was given again

by the wire-broadcast of Hoi An city.

It’s said the flood level will be the 2nd.

Deluge of rain continues here.

Please keep guard on the river water level &

have a wonderful New Year’s Eve for you!



We started to offer Banh My Teriyaki & some drinks.

Banh My Teriyaki

Banh My Teriyaki chicken


pineapple smoothie

pineapple smoothie


mulberry Yogurt

mulberry Yohgurt

Yesterday, with one Japanese family members

we visited Quang Chau pagoda again.

The elder orphaned boys have moved to

the Quang Chau pagoda Ⅱ.

Now, 115 orphans, from 2 year old babies

to 10 years old are living in the pagoda.

The circumstances of orphans were still quite poor.

I’ll make a support plan to donate

some playing instruments soon with DAFO members.

I’ll show it to you soon.




Mulberry has arrived.

It’ll be soon on your table.

Merry Christmas for you & everybody!

4kinds of SUSHI will be on your table as follows:

☆ Flaked Tuna roll     VND 100,000-

☆ Teriyaki chiken roll     VND 100,000-

☆ Roast pork fillet roll     VND 100,000-

☆ Teriyaki Fried Tofu roll     VND  90,000-

☆ Vegetable roll     VND  90,000-             all homemade !

Tofu roll

Tofu roll


Roast Pork roll

Roast Pork roll

chuc-mung-nam-moi2017   ←(New Year’s card here)

I thank you for always doing business with us.

I’m praying for your health and great happiness

in the coming year.



Thank you everybody for your cheering message

on U Cafe.

We mostly finished cleaning up work for our cafes.

We’ll reopen the cafes from the late this afternoon.

Seer you soon!

Due to the flood

we continue to close today.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

infront of U Cafe now

infront of U Cafe now

A warning was given again for this flood

by the city wired broadcast.

It is said that tonight, land phase of flood

will be 200cm high.

It’s 40cm higher than the last night.

Please take care of a violent flow of water.

infront of U Cafe-02PM 14:00

infront of U Cafe17:00 17:00

Because of flooding infront of U Cafe,

we closed today.

I’m very sorry for your inconvenience.

Today, again we’re working at Sushi-roll cooking.

Uramaki Uramaki-2

Tsunamaki is popolar with everybody today.

See you!