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orange gleamLit up by the orange gleam of street lights, she smiles and says “hello.” It is the first night of full moon after Tet. I smile back and say “hi” as I try to think if I know her. The Café guard dog Saluton and I look at her walking away, with flickering restaurant lanterns and chrysanthemums of Trần Quang Khải in the backgroundbut his mind quickly becomes preoccupied with other street issues and we continue with our stroll. Streets and alleys of Hoi An are filled with such encounters, with people I have never met before.

It is unusual to see a human being walking a dog (or vice versa) here in Hoi An. In fact, I have not seen anyone else do it. The local dog community is mostly roaming in streets barking at passerby dogs and tourists. Some challenge Saluton entering their territory, and are chased away by guys sitting by the side of the road. Several times in the past, a diner sprang out of their seats to place a bone on the ground in front of us. Based on Buddhist traditions, people go on vegetarian diet around full moon, and such fortune for Saluton is unlikely tonight.

Due to the weekend rain, some of the alleyways we walk through resemble canals of Venice, but in the morning they will become breakfast restaurants busy with commuters grazing through on their mopeds. Instead of colourful flags and banners celebrating Tet, they are decorated with family washing and drying plastic bags fluttering in the wind. Two blocks away from the Café we see a woman picking out from her plastic bag a crab, and freeing it in to a stream. Five minutes later, we are at our riverfront alley, dusted with duck feathers.


Our café is full of life in the TET holidays. We thank for all guests!

(photo; by Tomo, at an opening ceremony after the TET, in an elementary school)

And today is our first regular closing day.
I & my son made a half-day excurtion to Cẩm Thanh district.
It is only some kilometers from Hội An city, but it’s so much different from in the city.
It is filled with green color, fresh air, animals & fishing boats.
We enjoyed fertile paddy fields, acrossing the river by ferry, nipa forests, fishing villages etc..
Through the tour, I felt like a brand new person.



You may enjoy the area by your bike or your motorbike.
Please enjoy it!

SalutonAfter Tet, U Cafe will be closed on Tuesdays, and open on all other days of the week.

Ngày Nghĩ thư 3 hàng tuần.


高田純次のアジアぷらぷら(BS12ch TwellV) ホイアン編の放送スケジュールが変更になりました。新しい放送日程は、3月3日、21時から。



Yesterday, responding to the needs of a young guest of U Café,

I visited a pharmacy for oriental medicine with him.

It had a lot of jars with special flavors.

Talking with him, I noticed a difference between

western medicine & eastern medicine.

By western medicine, you receive a medical prescription

by your condition don’t you?

Everybody receives a same medicine by one’s condition.

On the other hand, people here  hbitually I visit a chemist’s

for traditional herbal medicine to buy some leaves for one’s tea.

And when being out of shape, one visits it to buy a dispenced medicine

just for him or her.

So you may receive different medicine from your friend

even if you both arre in the same symptoms.

In oriental medicine, medice is prescribed not only for

one’s symptons but also for one’s physical constitution.

I perceived this truth durig the conversation with him.

It is said that   ‘Treasure every meeting for it will never recur.’ by Reiko