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This week, at the people’s Committee in 3 districts in DaNang,

bicycle delivery ceremony have been held :

13092125_1191077794238652_324378462753357601_n 13076711_1191077817571983_3861390684509336516_n

in HaiChau: 50 bicycles,  in NguHanhSon: 50 bicycles,

13051599_1331142666902416_222030198655360078_n 13051626_1331142346902448_2444333521659670008_n

in SonTra: 40 bicycles.



The delivery work will be going on in the coming month.

On behalf of bicycle recipients, I thank all concerned!!!




I visited the office of Takagi Fund for Citizens Science

in Tokyo in the end of the last week.

I thank again to Takagi Fund for their support fund

on our ‘water quality check project 2015’.


The very moment after I visited the fund,

I got news Vietnam marine pollution  reported by the press.  Citizens are now in trepidation for their expected health damage.

Short-term profits has been the highest priority in every thing.

But top priority for us is not a thing to make money, isn’t it?

Now is the time to have second thoughts earnestly

how to keep & pass this rich natural environment

to our descendants, I think.





13051750_1329116400438376_4559254299814421064_n photo by Vuong

Donated 325 bicycles from Kawasaki have arrived at

Danang port the day before yesterday.

It’ll be started to deliver from tomorrow.

J-V Friendship Association Kawasaki branch

has done it again!


Thank you so much to the chairperson Mr.Truong

for sending your sincere condolences

to us & victims of the saviour earthquake in Kyushu .

We’ll do our best to meet your expectations!

Letter of Condolence

Yesterday, we had a meeting to check the result of

our water quality check & made our immediate plans.

WQC(water quality check) 2016 project:

☆ To continue to check WQ in the city,

☆ To make a picture book for elementary school students.


6 New students are from DN University of education.

I hope they’ll bring a fresh breeze blowing into

our water quality check.

The next WQC will be held in the 15th, May.

Have a good week!

I’m very sorry that tomorrow’s unloading work at DaNang Port has cancelled the due to the schedule change by the container ship. The ship will arrive at DN port in the 20th, Apr.. So the work will be held in the end of the next week. Thank you so much for your interest in our bike donation project.

This morning I visited the NUOC MAM factory. Please see some photos of it.

Good day for you!





For the unloading work for bicycles, we made an arrangements

with DAFO leaders in U Café.

He is a kind & playful person and

by no means they are gangsters.


Fortunately, in the end of last week

U Café has received a news that the Japanese NPO E-parts

would donate us the unused repaired computer.

It is the message from E-parts Japan.


U Cafe HoiAn project さま



=== === === === ===

Thank you very much to E-parts picked us out

from the applicants.

It’ll be  helpful for a lot of things in our activity.

Can’t wait the arrival!