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A lantern made in Hoi An

Hoian-Japan Cultural Exchange Festival will be opening soon!

Please check the Japan Festival in Hoi An website for more information.

See you soon in Hoian!



was held in U Cafe 2 days ago.

Theme of the presentation was ‘Human trafficking & child labor’.
Still not a few children bound to serve our immediate vicinity
without educational opportunities.
Human trafficking is continuously dealing with
as a money-making business too.
CEF leader said that
Vietnamese girls are sold for up to USD5,000- as brides or to brothels.
If you want to support those children
please contact CEF.

Hello from U Cafe.

We’ll have a sky drum concert by Mr.Khoa Pham

in the 22nd May.

He’ll bring his 10 new drums and play them for us.

His drums are made of dropped bombs during

the American War.

He casted bombs into the drums & played

longing for peace.

U Cafe has been supporting his activity.

Please don&t miss his concert!

at Cam Le

The bicycle delivery ceremony was held

at the People’s Committee Hall  of Cam Le district

in Da Nang.

Today 50 bicycles were handed over

to the underprivileged school students

in the district.

Bicycles were donated by J-V Friendship

Association Kawasaki branch.

Enjoy one’s school life with a bicycle !

This morning, in Ngu Nanh Son district,

50 bicycles donated

by J-V Friendship Association Kawasaki branch

were passed to students.

These bicycles will help students to go to school,

who are in disadvantaged circumstances.

U Cafe is glad to go along with this activity.


In the coming week, donation ceremony will be continued.

to bicycle recipients:

Please drive safely & have good holidays

with your bicycle !



Today, with 4 university students & a volunteer

our 5th water quality check 2016

was completed.

We’ll summarize the result &

make the schedule for the next year soon.

Our WQC will be continued.


Thanks to all our WQC was completed.



One of our dairy pursuits is

trying to make yummy & healty foods.

Today’s sweet is chè trôi nước với.

 We’ll prepare it with hạt sen.

It’ll be on your table soon.


Tomorrow, we’ll check the water

quality in HoiAn again.

For it, we’ll close our business


Very sorry for your  inconvenience.

See you on Monday!


We’re making preparation for

our next water quality check.

Under the a clear blue sky

we visited some pick up points of water today.

in the TraQue village

One well being covered with weeds

near the water gate


This time is the 5th & the last water quality check

through one year (from Apr.2016 to Mar.2017).
We’re ready now.


Japanse & Vietnamese students group

brought by NPO Sodateru-kai

volunteerd in Hoian.

U Cafe gave them our hands.

in the herb garden-1

in the herb garden-1

in the garden-2

in the garden-2

at the tomb Yajirobei

at the tomb Yajirobei

I wish their tour is fruitful!

Today with 6 university students from DaNang,

we again checked water quality at some points

in Hoi An City.

We perceived some differences from our past data:

e.g. water temparature, the water level in some wells etc..

We’ll continue to watch over water in the city

desiring for safety & health of citizens.

1st well

1st well

3rd well

3rd well

at a watergate

at a watergate

We’ll return to business as usual tomorrow.