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I hope you’re fully enjoying your TET holidays?

I relished the sea wind yesterday & I’m breathing fresh air in the mountain.

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HoiAn is ideal place not only for delicious foods, historical culture

but also has a rich natural environment.

I hope you’re enjoying your holidays.

I’m looking forward to your visit to HoiAn!


I’m glad to inform you a glorious news that the name of the street

in front of U Café has been decided officially: Huyền Trân Công Chúa.

So far the number of the house hasn’t given yet,

but we may get it soon.


U café is no more ‘bangai-chi’.

Thank you!


New menus are in development.

I’m sure you’ll love what we have on the menu!




But please wait a bit !

I visited a Nước Mắm factory in a fisherman’s village nearby.

It’s a routine work of mine every 3 or 4 months.

It’s my fun picnic to visit the village by a ferry boat.

Still now by ferry is the way to across the river to the village.


I like to chat with village ladies.

IMG_0283_2 IMG_0299_2

On the ferry I saw a new long bridge under construction.

Both banks of the river have already connected by the bridge girder.

The construction will be completed in this year.

I wonder my picnic by ferry will end up after of the construction completion.

It’s a pity for me.


Any way Tết Nguên Đán will come soon.

I pray for your family’s happiness and health.


This is a notification.

From 19 Feb. to 21 Feb.

U café will be closed for Tết holiday.

Sorry for your inconvenience.

We are very much looking forward to your next visit.


We’ve started a new project in this village.


Good day for you!


Yesterday, with my young friend I visited the QuangChau pagoda again.

She’d gathered a lot of cloths for babies & small kids & donated to them.

Children were looking good, even some of them had problem on their skin. 

& I played with them by a high-five.


It is my request to you.

They don’t have much friends to play with.

Please be a friend they can hang out with.


Today U Café was covered by VTV3 (Hanoi)  about our activities

for environmental conservation & for supporting orphans

in Quang Chau Pagoda in Da Nang city.

We hope that the program will spread support for the children at Quang Chau Pagoda and ideas to reduce the consumption of fossil fuel.

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