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After the typhoon Vamco had gone I visited women

weaving in Dong Giang again.

I received all sample sewn products on the day.

U Café has crossed a small mountain I think.

Our project plans to hold an exhibition with their products.

It’ll take patience to do it, but U Café will walk with them

for their smiles.


We will update you for more activities and further development.

Have a good weekend!


Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 06.51.17

Typhoon Vamco has left damages in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia – it continues towards south and west with southern Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

I hope you are well and safe. Vamco track forecast can be found here.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 08.45.13

A typhoon is approaching Central Vietnam right now.
Please be safe.

Typhoon Vamco (201519) track forecast can be found here.


By good luck, the weather turned out fine yesterday morn..

We & tree volunteer students did water quality check.

IMG_2156_2 IMG_2158_2

There are always new discoveries in WQC.

Yesterday, even though under the high temperature,

water temperature of wells are lower than I’d guessed.

IMG_2164_2 IMG_2165_2 IMG_2167_2

One well was fastened a lock!

The reason is to protect the well from something will

be thrown into.

Some times, I was struck by the beasty of the result

of the chemical reaction.

The next WQC will be held in the 8th, Nov..

I’ll gladly wait your participation in it.




The day after tomorrow Saturday, we’ll do

the water quality check (water quality check) again

in HoiAn.

Our activity is for aquatic environment preservation

in this city with the world heritage.

Volunteers for the WQC are now being accepted.

the date & the time appointed for meeting:

12th, Sep. 08:00AM

the place:  U café 2F

contact phone No:   0510-3501118

IMG_2125_2 IMG_2124_2 IMG_2118_2 IMG_2071_2





Now we’re approaching a crucial moment of weaving project

for minority ladies.

For it, I again visited Dong Giang weaving group for confirming

the state of their fabrics being completed or not.

IMG_2090_2 IMG_2089_2_dep_chai

Their weaving technic is on a high level & the color arrangement

is very nice. But some problems are still remaining. It’s difficult

for them to coop with the new design.

However when we sell their products in Japan, we have to be


To solve this problem, we have to overcome the language,

cultural barriers & distance.

IMG_2087-2 IMG_2094_2

to our precious guests

Wait a while please!

Yesterday, I & one of U Café staffs visited weaving groups

in 2 prefectures.

We’re welcomed and chatted pleasantly with both groups

& ordered sample products to both of them.

Please see some photos attached.


Goats were donated by NPO Malteser International

to the villagers in Tay Giang at that day.


Then we observed the tree planting activity of Malteser International.


I’m profoundly grateful for all concerned.