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Program recording was held in U Café today.

It took 3 hours for 5 minute program.

Thanks for their time & effort under the hot weather.




We put a water plant into the pond


(3rd floor)

& now dressing a plant to give shade from the sun.


(4th floor)

Here we are with 37℃ now.

Prevention of Heat Strokes is needed.

Please take care of yourself !

Have a good day!



We received a computer from NPO E-parts.

Today we unsealed it & started to work with.

NPO E-parts (Tokyo) has been supporting small groups

by it’s IT skill & donating reuse IT machines.

We’re so much delighted to the valuable donation.

This is the second one from E-parts.

We’ll study usage of it, & use it in the office work, information gathering etc..

Thanks a lot again to E-parts.

thanx to E-parts


We visited two weaving groups to purchase their hand loomed fabric.

Both of them have done the work very beautifully.


(at the factory in Tay Giang)

Thank them a lot.

We still have some problems to be solved.


(at the factory in Dong Giang)

We’ll solve them one by one, &  proceed to the next step, sewing work.


(problem to be solved!)

We’re striving for making goods of high quality.

Please have a good weekend !




It’s started summer holidays!

In U Café 3 student staffs have started working.

They’re doing their best for you

being pleasant and enjoyable in the café.

Please be good friends of them!


Working is not just to draw one’s income

but also to give something to one’s surrounding people

as you know.

I wish them to know it & joy of working.


in the first day

in the first day