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15:00 today, a typhoon warning was broadcasted

by Hoian city.

It’ll go on shore tomorrow morning

in the central Vietnam.


U Cafe has closed today, may be tomorrow too.

Please act carefully!



Middle day of 3 days holiday,

our Cafe was full this AM.

Thank you so much for our guests!

Have you checked the banana is filling

in front of the Cafe?


dressing work at the bank

Have a good holiday!

We offer to every Vietnamese people congratulations for your National Independence Day.

U Cafe welcomed the Shizuoka province delegation group yesterday, led by the Shizuoka assembly member Mr. Yoichi Todo, before their visit to the Da Nang foreign affairs department.

Shizuoka province delegates before their visit to Da Nang foreign affairs department 


Still in the land & in this province we receive

these news sometimes, even more than 40 years

has passed after that WAR had ended.

(by Tuoi Tre, 18th, Aug.2017)


We have to realize that

war makes us hatred

& it’ll be handed over long time.



A lantern made in Hoi An

Hoian-Japan Cultural Exchange Festival will be opening soon!

Please check the Japan Festival in Hoi An website for more information.

See you soon in Hoian!



I visited the corn-milk factory & corn fields

in Cam An ward.

Corns are growing very well in sunny places.

corn field in Cam An ward

The taste of corn-milk is delicious!

If we find that they are not

genetically modified ones,

we’ll serve them for you at U Cafe.



Today, an interview team from Apple Daily in Hong Kong visited U Cafe. Young charming interviewer & the photographer led us & guests to join the recording work in a relaxing manner.


Taking photos on the wood deck

today’s sushi


What an elaborate and delicate work they do: Water recycling system, eco-energy construction, feeding goldfish with a guest girl, composting etc… they collected data of U Cafe.

Thank you Wai Ping & Hing Chuen!



U Cafe was covered by VTV8 on the last Monday.

Reporters were interested in our waste water treatment system.

Thanks for their interview !

septic tank 1st

septic tank 5th


was held in U Cafe 2 days ago.

Theme of the presentation was ‘Human trafficking & child labor’.
Still not a few children bound to serve our immediate vicinity
without educational opportunities.
Human trafficking is continuously dealing with
as a money-making business too.
CEF leader said that
Vietnamese girls are sold for up to USD5,000- as brides or to brothels.
If you want to support those children
please contact CEF.

In this week we’re making written information

in our cafe.

raw garbage bucket

Each of us are conscious of environment protection

& barrier-free.