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Inspite of poor weather,

13 eager participants got together &

learned how to make a soap with Megumi-san.

Our way is using a used oil from the kitchen.

So this soap is not only gentle to your skin

but also environmentally friendly.

Let’s make a soap using used oil, shall we?






Today  university students from Danang, volunteers &

U Cafe staffs checked water quality at 16 points in the city.

Small number but eager participants became skillful at WQC,

they reduced the working hours & helped our new staffs.

Thanks a lot for their work!



Today I could meet lion-dance groups performancing

on the streets.


The harvest moon will come soon.

I wish you the best!


We’re now engaging the new staff training

for our water quality check (WQC).

In this week, they lerned the way & the use of instrument.



So at last, our WQC will be held tomorrow.

It’ll be tested the results of our training.

Come on!


Yesterday it’s held a workshop for making soap in U cafe.

Surrounding Megumi-san, zearous teacher,

attentive participants gave her a lot of questions.

But they got to know each other better

in a relaxed environment.

Thank you for every participants joining the event.

I apologize to some applicants to whom we couldn’t

help turning down their offer to join it,

because we received offers over our capacity.

We’ll do again this event by Megumi-san.

Time & date; 10:00 to 12:00 AM,  22nd, Sep. (Thur)

Please apply here as follows:

Tel: 0510 3501118


U Cafe Hoian through FaceBook




Today, in Kawasaki city (Japan) repair work for unused bicycles was held. Those 325 bicycles were transported to the container yard in the port. The bicycles will arrive at Danang port in the middle of October then will be delivered to students living far from schools or in a deprived environment. Even today, a lot of students here need support to continue their study. Thanks for the volunteers for your work.
(photo by Susumu Katayanagi)

On the Independence Day,

we members of U Cafe sincerely extend

congratulations to all Vietnamse people.

morning sunlight at ThuBon





Our water quality check workshop will be held

in the 4th, Sep. then our 2nd WQC 2016 will be

held in the 11th, Sep..

Our new staffs are now learning how to organize

water quality check.

This week, they’re researching circumstances

of every points which we’ll pick up the water.


One well has clear water by looking but the other one has very few water.



Near the one river point, it’s now under dredging work.

Everything is ready now. All what we have to do is

wait for the day to carry the WQC out.

Congratulations on the Independence Day!