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Children at Quang Chau Pagoda

Quang Chau Children’s Center project is now on Facebook. Please visit us and find out how you can support the orphaned children living at Chùa Quang Châu Pagoda.

The U Cafe architect Takahiro Yamada is currently drawing up plans for extension of a building at the Pagoda, which we’re looking forward to seeing at the end of this month!




01 02ベトナムの世界遺産の町で、エコ喫茶店を営む女性がいた—。こんなタイトルで、世界ナゼそこに? がUカフェの社会活動や環境保護の取り組みを紹介します。


An eco cafe and a woman in a World Heritage town in Vietnam – TV Tokyo, TV Osaka, TV Aichi, TV Setouchi, TV Hokkaido and TVQ Kushu will run an hour-long program Sekai Nazesokoni from 21:00 on Monday 28th July.




A 5-day slow travel tour with the U Cafe architect Yamada san will visit Hoi An local highlights including U Cafe and maybe the hidden resort hotel on the River Thu Bon-Hoan.

The Unesco World Heritage town of Hoi An is now closer to Japan with Tokyo-Danang direct flights. This is a perfect opportunity for you to chill, to relax and to enjoy the flow of time.

お問い合わせは、ワイルド・ナビゲーションへどうぞ。Please contact Wild Navi for details.

girls selling candles near the Japanese bridge

girls selling candles near the Japanese bridge

By Google map, this is the name of the street in front of U Café.
So far I’m not sure this new name is correct or not.
Huyền Trân Công Chúa was a princess of dynasty Đại Việt.
By his father’s order, Trân Nhân Tông, the king of Đại Việt,
she married the king of Champa as a matter of political strategy.
Misfortunes never come singly.
In the next year of her marriage, her husband died.
At that point in time, according to the tradition of Champa,
all of the royal wives would be cremated with the dead king.
It is said that she was rescued by the legend of Đại Việt,
but no historical proof for their success.
Any way, thank you for offering us the meaningful street’s name.
We don’t silently overlook the sad stage same as her.
We’ll work our best to support young woman
who’re making exertions to overcome one’s adversity.


U Café Hội An Uカフェ・ホイアンの活動、ベトナム社会、日々の出来事などが世界ナゼそこに?日本人で紹介されます。テレビ東京(TXN系)で7月28日(月)21時から22時の放送予定。さて、どんな内容になるのでしょう…

Social and environmental projects of U Cafe Hoi An and Vietnamese social and cultural experiences will be on air in Japan! The programme is Sekai Naze Sokoni? on TV Tokyo, Monday 28th July 21:00-22:00.