Yesterday for joining the mid-autumn festival @ Peace Village

U Cafe staffs, a friend &

Japan-Vietnam Friendship Association Kawasaki Branch  visited it.

We gifted sweets to villagers (village users).

We sincerely enjoyed beloved CON LAN dance.

Have a good weekend!


to dear Vietnamese,

from U Cafe

We’re sorry to hear the news

about president Trần Đại Quang passed away.

Please convey our deepest condolences to you all.

We pray for his happiness in his next life.


On this Saturday, it’ll be held a Mid-autumn festival

at the Peace Village Tam Ky, Tam Ky City.

U Cafe staffs will come & help them with their festival.

For this activity, we’ll close U Cafe from 14:00 on the 22nd, Sep. 2018.

Please enjoy your Trung Thu !



This week, my work was started to be taken film by VTV1.

I  was asked to put ao dai & read a jJapanese book.

What will the program broadcast about U Cafe, it’s unknown in advance.

It’ll be on air in Oct.2018.

This AM, we received another interview by VTV4.

The person took interviews to the manager & staffs.

And the end of the week, I visited Quang Chau pagoda again

to give notebooks to students & milks to small children.

at Quang Chau pagoda


What will we do in the coming week?

Don’t miss the news from U Cafe.


Yesterday, I was invited by my friend Ms. Le Ly

to console long-period hospitalized children in a hospital.

Her consoling way isn’t only donate something

but also making conversation to encourage them,

sing traditional songs to them etc..

She doesn’t forget disadvantaged children in her native place.



This morning on the Huyen Tran Cong Chua str.,

a lot of high school students & local citizens cleaned up the road.

This local cleaning project is organized by the city.


I hope this activity will help adults increase their awareness of

garbage problems.

Have a good weekend!


U Café has been supporting orphans in Qunag Chau pagoda

for some years with Ms.Le Ly Hayslip, Founder of Gloval Village Foundation,

Mr. Manus Campbell (member of Veterans for Peace) & a lot of volunteers.

I offer my sincere thanks for your warm support & cooperation.

The charity money has been used for the pagoda repair work

to be a pleasant environment for them, & foods, toys,

Kamishibai etc. & still remains considerably.

Meanwhile I’ve learned of a passel of underprivileged children

.outside of the pagoda.

So U Café has started to donate stationary  & foodstuffs

to children in the disabled children’s school & The Peace Village

in Tam Ky.

school for disabled children in Tam Ky City

I sincerely ask for your understanding & cooperation of this matter.

Out-doors work in the last week:

On Tuesday, Quang Chau pagoda again & meeting with Ms. Le Ly.

On Wednesday, purchase stationery for some charitable institutions

before the new school year.

On Thursday, the Da Nang Oncology Hospital with Ms. Le Ly

for the next project.

On Friday, donate stationary to Tam Ky Peace Village.

& the Get-Together by Da Nang Union of Friendship Organizations

for the 73rd Anniversary  of National Holiday of

the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam.

Happy National Day !

at Quang Chau pagoda

to Tam Ky Peace Village

with Ms. Le Ly to Danang Oncology Hospital

donating Banh It (Hoian sweets) to inpatients in the hospital

meeting with Ms.Le Ly



Visiting Cotu weavers in Dong Giang & Tay Giang.

We bought some fabrics in both factories.

Yesterday we visited Quang Chau pagoda in Danang

& passed a lot of snacks donated by

Japanese Chamber & Commerce in DaNang City &

Samurai Kitchen in Hoi An City.

Yesterday was the 14th July on Luna calendar,

a lot of visitors & volunteers in the pagoda to celebrate it.

by two motorbikes

Now is the end of summer in the central Vietnam,

we visited Cotu weavers in huyen Dong Giang & Tay Giang again.

We bought some beautiful fabrics in their factories:

new colored table runners etc..

They’ll be sold in our cafe soon


Please don’t miss them!

Children in A Tieng, Tay Giang

assembly house in A Tieng village

natural beads are ready