Today U Cafe is closed for cleaning.our cafe.

Luckily Hoai (Thu Bon) river hasn’t flooded near U Cafe.

Thank you for your understanding.

But a lot of citizens in the central region

have been suffered from the flood these days.

I’d like to express my sincere sympathies

to the victims by the torrential rains.


Today our business hours is from 08:00 to 12:00.

We’re very sorry for your inconvenience.

In some streets in Hoi An are covered by water.

Please take care to drive !!

Because of the heavy rain doesn’t stop falling,

U Cafe will close at noon today.

Please be careful, everyone !!


A lot of foreigners who are studying Japanese in the world now.

Today is the day for Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)

for them all over the world.

I wish every examinees can fulfill their potential !!!


Today a gathering was held in Tam Ky city by

Quangnam Union of Friendship Organizations (QNUFO).

U Cafe was invited to this gathering, thank you for QNUFO.

I enjoyed the dance by students from Lao & some presentations.

Thank you for the invitation.

However the fields of Tam Ky was still covered by rainfall of Typhoon USAGI.

Wishing the swift restoration of them!



In this week:


We made a field trip with friends and the @UCafeHoiAn manager

to the waste-water treatment facility in Hoi An.

We’re happy that technology of Japan built on goodwill can serve

the communities and reduce environmental damage.


The outside stair landing was under repair work.

The work has completed.

I thank you for your cooperation.


Tonight, under the Cam Nam Bridge the road is

covered by the river water.

The typhoon USAGI is now getting closer to the south.

Watch your step & have a nice weekend!

Yesterday for joining the mid-autumn festival @ Peace Village

U Cafe staffs, a friend &

Japan-Vietnam Friendship Association Kawasaki Branch  visited it.

We gifted sweets to villagers (village users).

We sincerely enjoyed beloved CON LAN dance.

Have a good weekend!

to dear Vietnamese,

from U Cafe

We’re sorry to hear the news

about president Trần Đại Quang passed away.

Please convey our deepest condolences to you all.

We pray for his happiness in his next life.


On this Saturday, it’ll be held a Mid-autumn festival

at the Peace Village Tam Ky, Tam Ky City.

U Cafe staffs will come & help them with their festival.

For this activity, we’ll close U Cafe from 14:00 on the 22nd, Sep. 2018.

Please enjoy your Trung Thu !



This week, my work was started to be taken film by VTV1.

I  was asked to put ao dai & read a jJapanese book.

What will the program broadcast about U Cafe, it’s unknown in advance.

It’ll be on air in Oct.2018.

This AM, we received another interview by VTV4.

The person took interviews to the manager & staffs.

And the end of the week, I visited Quang Chau pagoda again

to give notebooks to students & milks to small children.

at Quang Chau pagoda


What will we do in the coming week?

Don’t miss the news from U Cafe.