Thank you for your continuous business

with us.

It being close the

Now TET 2018 *Tết Nguyên Đán*  is close.

From  15th,Feb. (Thu.)  to 20th, Feb (Tue)

U Cafe will have holiday.

We wish your very happy Vietnamese new year

Tết Nguyên Đán !!!



Yesterday we visited Dong Giang & Tay Giang

& ordered new products to weaver groups.

I put some photos of yesterday.

warp setting by the Dong Giang weavers


exchanging views with Tay Giang group

unscheduled dropping on the way back to HA

Congratulations for Vietnam football team!


U Cafe activity was in the news paper Tuoi Tre recently.

Thank you for the journalist Mr. Lam for his work

& the Tuoi Tre.

I hope that this year will prove a very happy &

prosperous one to you and yours!

We talked about U Cafe’s enterprise of U Cafe in this year.

(today’s photos)

blacksmiths in HA

chair of DAFO

leaders of DAFO

We’ve started to offer Fresh menu !

Dâu Tằm (mulberry) for smoothie & yoghurt.

It’s only this season.

And a cake by peanuts covered by sticky rice,

named Bánh Xoài in Vietnamese.

             (banh xoai)

Please don’t miss them!

We would like to extend my New Year greetings.

Thank you so much for your support on us

through this year.

We hope the new year will be

full of happiness for everybody in the world.


Some of our guests ask me why U Cafe doesn’t offer

a drinking straw?

I answer the reason of it.

U Café has been doing environmental preservation activity.

One of them is to disuse a drinking straw made by plastic.

It’s for reducing the volume and weight of disposal

petroleum products.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation !

Water Quality Check, Soap making workshop from

edible waste oil, etc. we’ve been doing.

If you’re interested in our activity please don’t hesitate

to ask us.

after typhoon DAMREY

U Cafe is flooded from 01:00 AM today.

We close U Cafe to business 3 days

until 7th, Nov.(Tuesday) for clean the cafe up.

We’re very sorry for your inconvenience.

Please be careful not to get hurt.

River water level becomes very high

in front of U Cafe now.

We close U Cafe for this afternoon.

We’re very sorry for your inconvenience.


Wind & rain became feeble here.

But  please continue to take care water level raising !

See you!

Take care please  everybody!

The weather forecast gave us the attracting attention

as follows:

Vietnam, Cambodia on alert for new tropical threat in the western Pacific