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Citizens here wake up very very early.

These photos are from 04:30 to 05:30 in this morning.


IMG_1254_2 IMG_1253_2

The central market opens 03:00! & a café in the suburbs opens 04:30.

What are early risers they’re!


Thank you for waiting so long.

Finally, a cash register has started working

with light music in the Café.


On the other hand, we’re still concerning ourselves

with handmade cooking.

Please visit us & enjoy our menu !




One of our activity is ‘survey of water quality around Hoi An City’.

Today the first workshop was held.

11 volunteers & U café members were divided into 3 groups &

went in different points.

I followed the group-2 with taking photos.

During the workshop, I was impressed  their eagerness & their accurate work.

Thank for them to join our survey activity for water quality.

I put some photos here with my thanks!

IMG_1193_2 IMG_1206_2

IMG_1215_2 IMG_1220_2


Good weekend for you!