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Yuko Arimori, a multiple Olympic medalist and United Nations Population Fund Goodwill Ambassador, with officials of Hearts of Gold, has visited U Cafe to exchange ideas of peace, sports and humanitarian aid.



Today U Cafe Hoi An’s Organic Coffee Team is arriving in Buon Ma Thout, Dak Lak. We will be meeting Ms Tuyet, Mr Ky and family again, who grow and roast U Cafe’s organic coffee, as well as catching up with other coffee, pepper and honey farmers and producers of the region to improve our organic supplies.


A dentist injects an anaesthetic and then prods my wisdom teeth.

Dentist: Can you still feel your teeth?

Me: Yes.

He prods again.

Dentist: Can you still feel it?

Me: Yes.


And my wisdom teeth was out.

I’m in a dental clinic in Da Nang. I’d been let down by the UK dentists who weren’t able to give me an appointment or an emergency slot. I was in pain and on NHS, which made this clinic my only hope. The dentist who was referred to as “the Captain” had assessed my wisdom teeth and took my blood pressure level. My wisdom teeth was out within 15 minutes of my arrival.

I get the bill and it’s 500,000đ. “You get a 50% discount, because it was easy,” says the dentist.

Yesterday, three of us visited weavers group in Dong Giang

again,  & placed an order for some sample patterns

to weave into cloth.

One of our staff, who comes from the same ethnic group,

acted as an interpreter in our meeting.

I am looking forward to her work as an interpreter.


The delegation of Japan-Vietnam Friendship Association Kawasaki branch (JVK) visited Da Nang City, the Danang Union of Friendship Organizations, Quang Chau Pagoda, and Dong Giang in Quang Nam Province. U Café members also attended their visit.


The JVK members worked energetically despite the hot climate. JVK has been donating unused bicycles from Kawasaki, Japan for 13 years. Bicycles are donated to children living far from their school. They have donated over 1,1000 bicycles. The delegation members visited students who had received bicycles from JVK and encouraged them.

IMG_1887_2 IMG_1863_2 IMG_1898_2

U Café Project has started to support marketing for CoTu weavers

with their valuable fabrics.

The area where they live in has a lot of  beautiful nature.

In its rich natural environment,

it was born a wonderful localized culture,

& they take it over for a long while.

Please visit there & enjoy their culture ex.

local delicacies, crafted products,  wooden house etc.. 

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