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Le Ly at U CafeMany thanks to you all for coming to the event on a very short notice. With Le Ly Hayslip and U Cafe packed with new and old friends, the event was a great occasion for sharing experiences and hopes. I hope you were inspired too, and enjoyed meeting people and exchanging ideas. 

I hope to create more opportunities for people and groups working for peace, humanitarian, social, environmental/ecological and all other worthy causes, to promote ideas. Please get in touch and make suggestions.

I would also like to thank our friends – some running a cafe, a restaurants or a bar – for spreading the word. The event couldn’t have happened without your help.


Phùng Thị Lệ LýOver lunch at An Bang Beach, good friends Le Ly and Reiko exchange shared memories and updates. Then they agree to organise an event at U Cafe for Le Ly to speak at this Sunday, 21 April.

Le Ly Hayslip [Phùng Thị Lệ Lý] is the founder of Global Village Foundation, East Meets West, author of two autobiographical bestsellers When Heaven and Earth Changed Places and Child of War, Woman of Peace (later adapted for the film Heaven and Earth by Oliver Stone), and a vibrant individual. For dessert we share pineapples from a market with chili and salt, and she shoots back to Da Nang.

Le Ly’s talk will start at 14:00 on Sunday, where you can find out more about her experiences on working for education and peace at the grassroots of Vietnam, and share ideas and hopes.

Global Village Foundation photo album

Bicycles at Tiên Sa port985 bikes to be donated to schoolkids in difficult circumstances were unpacked at Tien Sa port and transported to Da Nang Union of Friendship Organizations (DAFO) on Saturday.

通学が困難な子どもたちに寄贈される自転車985台が川崎からダナン港に到着し、13日から DAFO整備と発送の準備に入りました。

Liên hiệp các tổ chức hữu nghị thành phố Đà Nẵng

Bicycles for school childrenOver 8,000 bicycles in the past 10 years have sailed across from Kawasaki, Japan, into Da Nang. These bikes have been distributed to schoolkids in communities affected by flood and/or low-income, and have helped them access their schools otherwise too far to attend.

Nearly 1,000 bicycles have have arrived into the port of Da Nang this Tuesday, and will be unloaded from 3 shipping containers on Saturday, 13th April. We ask you to help and participate, and to create opportunities for more children.

For more details please contact Reiko at U Cafe: 0510 3501118.

Kawasaki bikes

Cafe view from River HoaiAfter capturing sunrise and a fish market 4km down stream, we cruise pass U Cafe on a boat. It is a trial run for a new photo tour and I had the honour of accompanying my photographer friends Manus, Huan and Vinh. (Huan is also one of the U Cafe architects.) This is the second time I see the Cafe from the river, and the first time not to be in the water dodging tour boats.

We sit in a cafe by the fish market across from Hoi An. We show each other the photographs freshly captured and share our ideas. Despite our 5 am departure the photography team is in good spirits. ”Early bird gets the worm,” says Manus. “Slow buffalo drinks muddy water,” replies Huan. We finish our coffee and hop back on the boat. Then we photograph traditional bamboo stilts fishing, and buy the fish the next minute.

When we get off the boat Hoi An centre has lost its calm, filled with tourists’ buzz and motorbikes. We leave the ancient quarter and with the sun caramelizing our skin find another photo sharing cafe.

Mapping U Cafe

Set on a quiet Thanh Nam riverside street with no name, U Cafe was probably not the easiest restaurant for you to find in Hoi An. Now with a help from Google Maps Treasure your journey will be a little easier, and you won’t need to bribe your friend into telling you their well-kept secret.

Serenity – it’s closer than you think.