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Image photo: conlan visits U Cafe

This morning the road in front of U Café is covered with rain water.

Still it goes on raining///

Please be careful where your step.

Sorry for your inconvenience.


 I & my dog went a long way.

We met a lot of animals on the way.

Grazing cattles, a philosophizing buffalo, chirping birds,

pigs riding a truck to work (?)  etc.





After taking the stroll, being refreshed myself with it,

I started dressing for U Café’s daily work.

The universe is full of life.

U Café is in the rich natural environment.

It’s started a rainy season around Hội An with HEO MAY.

A tree grows up so fast in the rainy season here.

And a rainstorm makes a branch be snapped off,  a tree be blowed off.

So now gardeners are busy for pruning away offshoots of the roadside trees.

A tree looks pitiful now, but without this work,

branches will be snapped off  & trees will be fallen down.

We’ll be ready soon against the rainy season. See you !

Please look at these drawings.

One (left) is made by Japanese students, & the other is made by Vietnamese students.

Both of them are lovely & filled with emotion for friends in abroad.

I thank you for those participants & supporters for this event.

Cảm ơn và hẹn gặp lại nhé!


Ricevis urgxan aferon, mi kaj instruisto kune kun vojagxis al Hanojo.

Estas grava afero por ni sed poste la laboro ni gxuis iom.

Estas fotoj de trinkajxon ni trinkis kaj belegan parkon ni enripozis.

Before the closing time, a tiny guest visited U Cafe.

May I have your order please?

No reply has come back.

It has left the Cafe  in the next morning.

You’re tiny but gives me a big memory!