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with H & T
Yesterday we had a charming guest.
She’s acting for privention of global warming.
hearing her speach, I sympathized with her positive thinking,
And with my acquaintance we’re talking a long time.
I hope we”ll collaborate with each other and
associate in a commmon cause in the new year.
Let’s take the first step in carrying out out an action shall we?


Today we had a couple guests who’ve newly been married.
Wishing both two an abundance of love and happiness.
For these blissful young couple I hope peace democracy & prosperity of this country from bottom of my heart.
Congratulations on their wedding!


Cleaning up the Cafe has finished yesterday.

Today we’re preparing ice cream.

I thank you so much for your support for U Cafe HoiAn.

With 2013 is approaching, we wish you all, the best.

May the coming year bring you all,

health, prosperity, and peace.

Happy New Year!!!


Season's greetings from DanangUFO

This morning I received a lovely card
from Danang Union of Friendship Organizations.
Thank you so much for it!

December is a month for donation.
Yesterday, I visited a charity event in the city.
It was for sisters under disadvantages & for disabled students.
The elder sister 16 years old wants to buy a machine to start sawing.
Her younger sister & their friends were making & sell good-luck bracelet.
Disabled students were selling hand-made artificial flowers made by themselves..
Both projects are organized by young people.
Mutual aid still runs deep in Vietnamese society.
Expecting the result of their efforts I bought pieces of their work.
Have a nice week!

Yesterday, staffs & I reviewed the way how to compost.
Yesterday, for causing to undergo fermentation
I put rise bran into the storage & mixed them well.

Now in the storage: One rice bag of donated compost, half rice bag of
ashes, 2kgs of rice bran, & some half-dried water plants & fallen leaves.
A new daily work brings me another pleasure.
What do you living for?
Have a good day!

Crossed Philippine Islands typhoon Bopha is approaching Vietnam.
Probably because of this it’s windy today.

Today’s report from U Cafe is as follows:
This morning, I visited compost factory with my friends.
It been producing compost from general garbage.
Factory products are still warm.
I was gifted some of them for composting in U Café.
I’ll start to do it in U Café soon.

Be cautious about the typhoon!