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Yes, we are open again!

After days of cleaning up Huyền Trân Công Chúa and the ground floor after the flood, we are back in business. We’re ready to serve you Vietnamese-Japanese fusion dishes and drinks now!


Back in business soon

After the heavy rain that had cut off U Cafe from the world – and vice versa – the flood is pretty much over in Thanh Nam. The boats are back in the river, reeds on the river islets are reemerging, the bridges are above water again, and U Cafe is preparing to reopen.

Gambling coffeeMy neighbour is calling me from his roof. I enter his house from the roof and exit through his front door. I say hi to his dad watching TV in the living room, still centimeters above the water. Today in Cam Chau, Hoi An, the river is connected to roads, gardens, kitchens and toilets due to the third flood this year.

We walk through the water down Tran Quang Khai to a cafe. The gate is shut but I see four men inside playing cards as if the cafe is not flooded. The loser will pay for everyone’s coffee, says the owner’s daughter. Her feet are splashing the water the colour of my caphe sua da.

We make our way back and I climb back onto the roof. My neighbour tells me I can come over to his house for dinner. Just come on the roof, he says, and shows me the safe part of the roof for me to walk on.

DSC_0484wWe’re sorry to inform you that we’re cancelling our event today. This is due to the heavy rain which has caused the U Cafe street to flood. We’ll keep you updated on when this event will take place.

We hope you’re safe and well.

An unbidden guest has visited U café
on the wooden deck for 2 days straight.
It is a long-billed small bird.
Evidently, it aims at the golden fishes in the ponds.
How can we guard fishes?
This is an another puzzler for me.


Yesterday, a new comer arrived U café.

Yes, he is a staff & not a stuff.

It seems to be that he was pleased the garden of U café

& gadding about in it.

But so far, his friend is only Saluton, my dog, sorry for him.

I named him ‘Aminda’.



In the last week, HaMy & Reiko visit the museum
for growing many kinds of bamboos in tinh Binh Duong
& talked with the owner of it.
After that, in U Café we are taught how to check
the water quality by Ms.Hirota
& had a meeting with Mr.Trinh.
Those experiences put spurs to me to our next project.
* * * * *
Now water level is coming higher little by little
in front of U café.
You should be alert to the possible flood!
See you soon!

By the news,  very strong  typhoon HaiYan is approaching to Central VietNam.

Therefore we’ll close our café tomorrow, Sunday.

We apologize for your inconvenience.