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325 unused bicycles, donated

by J-V Friendship Association to

disadvantaged students in Da Nang City,

have arrived at Da Nang port.

DAFO members picked them up at the port yesterday.

& these bicycles are now under re-assembly work.

They’ll be delivered to those students soon.

Thanks to DAFO’s cooperation !

Donated total amount of the bicycles are 12,278

in 15 years.

U Cafe & J-V Friendship Association Kawasaki

are deeply appreciated for the work

by DAFO’s volunteers.

@ DN port



@ DAFO 3

Our this week activity is making soap.

Our way to make soap is taught by Megumi-san

who has been making & sell some kinds of

her natural soap.

Now we’re having fun to put flavour.

Today we put coffee powder.

One month later, we’ll use it for dishwashing.

soap with HatCaphe

We make soap by used oil in our kitchen.

If you keep used oil please do it !

Today, with 4 university students & a volunteer

our 5th water quality check 2016

was completed.

We’ll summarize the result &

make the schedule for the next year soon.

Our WQC will be continued.


Thanks to all our WQC was completed.



One of our dairy pursuits is

trying to make yummy & healty foods.

Today’s sweet is chè trôi nước với.

 We’ll prepare it with hạt sen.

It’ll be on your table soon.


Tomorrow, we’ll check the water

quality in HoiAn again.

For it, we’ll close our business


Very sorry for your  inconvenience.

See you on Monday!


We’re making preparation for

our next water quality check.

Under the a clear blue sky

we visited some pick up points of water today.

in the TraQue village

One well being covered with weeds

near the water gate


This time is the 5th & the last water quality check

through one year (from Apr.2016 to Mar.2017).
We’re ready now.


Today with 6 university students from DaNang,

we again checked water quality at some points

in Hoi An City.

We perceived some differences from our past data:

e.g. water temparature, the water level in some wells etc..

We’ll continue to watch over water in the city

desiring for safety & health of citizens.

1st well

1st well

3rd well

3rd well

at a watergate

at a watergate

We’ll return to business as usual tomorrow.




In the last week, I participated a conference

for environmantal protection in Danang.

Publicators presented their activity reports in detail &

answered questions to eager questioners politely.

I was impressed their profound knowledge &

untired attitude for their projects.





Inspite of poor weather,

13 eager participants got together &

learned how to make a soap with Megumi-san.

Our way is using a used oil from the kitchen.

So this soap is not only gentle to your skin

but also environmentally friendly.

Let’s make a soap using used oil, shall we?





Today  university students from Danang, volunteers &

U Cafe staffs checked water quality at 16 points in the city.

Small number but eager participants became skillful at WQC,

they reduced the working hours & helped our new staffs.

Thanks a lot for their work!



Today I could meet lion-dance groups performancing

on the streets.


The harvest moon will come soon.

I wish you the best!


We’re now engaging the new staff training

for our water quality check (WQC).

In this week, they lerned the way & the use of instrument.



So at last, our WQC will be held tomorrow.

It’ll be tested the results of our training.

Come on!