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Today U Cafe takes part in

EARTH HOUR 2018 from 20:00 to 21:00.

Thank you for your understanding & cooperation.

Hôm nay  ‘tối sống xanh hơn’.

TrongphươngCẩmChâu bịtắtđiện

trong 1 giờ từ 20h – 21 giờ ngáy 24/03/2018.


U Cafe activity was in the news paper Tuoi Tre recently.

Thank you for the journalist Mr. Lam for his work

& the Tuoi Tre.

Why we don’t offer you a drinking straw?

U Café has been doing environmental preservation activity.

One of them is disusing a drinking straw for reducing the volume and weight of disposal products.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation !

Water Quality Check, Soap making workshop from edible waste oil, etc. we’ve been doing for environmental preservation.

If you’re interested in our activity, please don’t hesitate to ask us!

I visited the corn-milk factory & corn fields

in Cam An ward.

Corns are growing very well in sunny places.

corn field in Cam An ward

The taste of corn-milk is delicious!

If we find that they are not

genetically modified ones,

we’ll serve them for you at U Cafe.



Today, an interview team from Apple Daily in Hong Kong visited U Cafe. Young charming interviewer & the photographer led us & guests to join the recording work in a relaxing manner.


Taking photos on the wood deck

today’s sushi


What an elaborate and delicate work they do: Water recycling system, eco-energy construction, feeding goldfish with a guest girl, composting etc… they collected data of U Cafe.

Thank you Wai Ping & Hing Chuen!



U Cafe was covered by VTV8 on the last Monday.

Reporters were interested in our waste water treatment system.

Thanks for their interview !

septic tank 1st

septic tank 5th


In this week we’re making written information

in our cafe.

raw garbage bucket

Each of us are conscious of environment protection

& barrier-free.

325 unused bicycles, donated

by J-V Friendship Association to

disadvantaged students in Da Nang City,

have arrived at Da Nang port.

DAFO members picked them up at the port yesterday.

& these bicycles are now under re-assembly work.

They’ll be delivered to those students soon.

Thanks to DAFO’s cooperation !

Donated total amount of the bicycles are 12,278

in 15 years.

U Cafe & J-V Friendship Association Kawasaki

are deeply appreciated for the work

by DAFO’s volunteers.

@ DN port



@ DAFO 3

Our this week activity is making soap.

Our way to make soap is taught by Megumi-san

who has been making & sell some kinds of

her natural soap.

Now we’re having fun to put flavour.

Today we put coffee powder.

One month later, we’ll use it for dishwashing.

soap with HatCaphe

We make soap by used oil in our kitchen.

If you keep used oil please do it !

Today, with 4 university students & a volunteer

our 5th water quality check 2016

was completed.

We’ll summarize the result &

make the schedule for the next year soon.

Our WQC will be continued.


Thanks to all our WQC was completed.