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200 donated bicycles will arrive at Da Nang port today.

These bicycles are gifts from Japan-Vietnam Friendship Association

Kawasaki branch to the financially disadvantaged students

in Da Nang City.

Pick up  at the port will be held on the 19th, Apr..

We, U Cafe members will take part in the work,

hoping that these bicycles would be useful for the students.


New products as follows are now available !

☆ table runner (brown or red):  150cm*30cm by weavers in Dong Giang & Tay Giang / D500,000-/piece

☆ dried strips of cinnamon bark:  D200,000-/Kg (this year’s grand new products! ) from Dong Giang pref.

I introduce them with some photos in these prefectures yesterday. Please don’t miss them!


cinnamon being dried in the garden

table runner

weaving work TG

weaving work TG

I visited Quang Châu pagoda. to greet members of the pagoda

at the end of the year.

Ms. Minh Tinh, staffs, children are fine.

Children ( now 112 orphans in ) looks clean

after being their hair cut & with new clothes.

Very Happy New Year for everybody in the pagoda!

watching TV

waiting lunch


Yesterday we visited Dong Giang & Tay Giang

& ordered new products to weaver groups.

I put some photos of yesterday.

warp setting by the Dong Giang weavers


exchanging views with Tay Giang group

unscheduled dropping on the way back to HA

Congratulations for Vietnam football team!


was held in U Cafe 2 days ago.

Theme of the presentation was ‘Human trafficking & child labor’.
Still not a few children bound to serve our immediate vicinity
without educational opportunities.
Human trafficking is continuously dealing with
as a money-making business too.
CEF leader said that
Vietnamese girls are sold for up to USD5,000- as brides or to brothels.
If you want to support those children
please contact CEF.

With 2 members of J-V Friendship Association

we’ve visited weavers in Tay Giang & Dong Giang.

All of us really enjoyed ourselves.

in YaYa costume


with girls in the village

working way

Next month, we’ll order new design fabrics to them.

Please wait for the next products.

at Cam Le

The bicycle delivery ceremony was held

at the People’s Committee Hall  of Cam Le district

in Da Nang.

Today 50 bicycles were handed over

to the underprivileged school students

in the district.

Bicycles were donated by J-V Friendship

Association Kawasaki branch.

Enjoy one’s school life with a bicycle !

This morning, in Ngu Nanh Son district,

50 bicycles donated

by J-V Friendship Association Kawasaki branch

were passed to students.

These bicycles will help students to go to school,

who are in disadvantaged circumstances.

U Cafe is glad to go along with this activity.


In the coming week, donation ceremony will be continued.

to bicycle recipients:

Please drive safely & have good holidays

with your bicycle !



It’s started the bicycle delivery in Da Nang city


Today 70 bicycles were delivered to students

who are in difficult condition to go to school

in Hoa Vang district.

We wish those bicycles will help them

to go to go to school.




325 unused bicycles, donated

by J-V Friendship Association to

disadvantaged students in Da Nang City,

have arrived at Da Nang port.

DAFO members picked them up at the port yesterday.

& these bicycles are now under re-assembly work.

They’ll be delivered to those students soon.

Thanks to DAFO’s cooperation !

Donated total amount of the bicycles are 12,278

in 15 years.

U Cafe & J-V Friendship Association Kawasaki

are deeply appreciated for the work

by DAFO’s volunteers.

@ DN port



@ DAFO 3