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Because of a typhoon WUTIP is approaching,
U café is closed today.
Now the river in front of our café is rising.
Please be watchful the water level!


Sunset in this afternoon on Hoai river

The weather was so nice today, I was in U cafe’s 4th floor where you can get nice view to the river. From there, I was seeing the beautiful sunset, and I supposed to take photos from river, so that I quickly decided to go down the riverbank. But the sun went down so fast, even I looked it moved in some seconds and disappear in front of me. Such a peaceful afternoon!

The 8th typhoon is coming in the central of Vietnam, so that it has rained so heavy and the river level is raising quiet high. And it has been in two or three days more. Therefore, U café has closed today and tomorrow and will reopen after that.

Please read information about typhoon below:

We will update more information about this typhoon condition.

Take care and thank you,

U café Hoi An team,


We’re striving to do honor to our guests for the harvest moon!

A boy being dressed as a qilin (Con Kỳ Lân), 

 one another wearing a mask of an elderly man

with some boys parade here & there. They visit our Café too. Usually here a calm rural area, on this occasion it becomes bustling.

U café was introduced on the Vietnam news recently. Please visit it!

U Café HộiAnは 皆さまとともに、


In August & September, we have events & gathering here & there.

One of them is a bicycle donating ceremony in Duy Xuan prefecture in the end of Aug..

Two managers of U café debut greeting speech in front of students

  who’d received the bicycles from Japanese NGO in Kawasaki city.

Please push our managers & underprivileged students forward with me.

Then we celebrated the 68th Independence Day of Viet Nam.

I was so much impressed one speech made by a Russian lady

within very beautiful Vietnamese language .

And we’ll have an event is the Mid-Autumn festival soon.

Children, mostly boys, are looking forward to the festival.

I’m enjoying a moon cake for it.

My son gave me an interesting information.

He says that on Google map the walking street in front of U Café

beside the Hoai river has the name!

But sometimes there are mistakes on it.

And on the other hand, the government work is flexible.

I want to verify the name of the street is true or not quickly,

but I don’t know who knows the truth of it.

All things are in FLEX & nothing is permanent here.