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We have a bookshelf on the in a corner on the 3rd floor.

Japanese, English, Vietnamese & Esperanto books are waiting

for your good practical use.

Also we would very much appreciate receiving unused books.

Ni havas librobretaron en la 3a etajxo kun Japanaj,

Anglaj kaj Esperantaj libroj.

Ili atendas legantojn.
Kaj ni akceptas donacon de viajn legitajn librojn.

Antauxdankon pro via koncerno al U kafejo.


bird cage notice boardA new notice board has arrived at the Cafe this week. It will not have birds with songs, but hopefully be used by you to communicate information, advertise events and connect with friends.


Tôi đã thiết lập một lồng trong U Cafe.
Xin vui lòng này để trao đổi thông tin của các bạn.

Stacking Green by Vo Trong NghiaThe architect Võ Trọng Nghĩa has been recognised globally for his distinctive designs. Some of his architectures share similar concepts with U Cafe, and have been raising awareness for ecological buildings that combine people’s living with the surrounding natural environment and resources.

“I don’t like trite and hollow knowledge. I only study what I like,” claims Nghia, who studied architecture in Hanoi and Nagoya, Japan, and leaving academia and returning to Vietnam to “seek failure.” He says new successes “must be built from the courage to break down the past success”.

Low Cost House by Vo Trong Nghia

From a house in Ho Chi Minh City (top) with layers of planters forming its facade to reduce direct sunlight entering the house and creating natural ventilation of wind through the building, a bamboo dome on a lake in Binh Duong Province, to homes designed to address housing issues (above), Vo Trong Nghia Architects continue to provide creative ecological and social solutions through architecture.

urlFor Earth Hour 2013, U Cafe will be switching off lights at 20:30 on 23rd March. Join us for a quiet riverfront star gazing as 3000 garlands are released into the River Hoai at the flower festival, discuss your ideas about saving the planet and join the global community.


Ngáy mai, ngày 23 tháng3 năm 2013, ơ U Café tắt đèn từ 8h30 đến 9:30 tối.
Xin vui lòng giúp đỡ nhé! Xin cảm ơn!

Earth Hour2013 official video | Giờ Trái đất Việt Nam

Manus Campbell“When I was 18 and a half, I got a letter from my government, saying I had to report to a military unit.” Manus Campbell is the founder and director of Helping Invisible Victims of War. He has been participating in and funding an orphanage in Hue, providing care for children with disabilities, many affected by Agent Orange. He was stationed in Quang Tri, near Hue.

Manus was at U Cafe earlier today, speaking to a group of people living and working in Hoi An. He has also spoken to the Vietnamese “American War” veteran co-leading a Veterans for Peace (VfP) tour. “Love is bigger than hate and revenge,” the veteran who was stationed across the DMZ from Manus told him. “I didn’t know what it was going to be like,” Manus recalls, but says he was warmly welcomed, being invited to their homes. “It was like nothing I’d imagined… 40 years ago, we were trying to kill each other.”

“No one wins a war,” he says – wars create victims on both sides, often neglected. Instead of pushing away the past, Manus returned to Vietnam in 2007, working with kids at the orphanage, and working with other members of VfP. He also speaks about his experiences of war and of his personal journey in Vietnam. He says PTSD is “more a moral issue, a stain on your soul.” In the coming months he will be leading a VfP tour of Vietnam, with some veterans who have decided to return for the first time.

Manus cho biết từng ăn tối với 4 cựu chiến binh Việt Nam và họ từng đánh nhau trên cùng một chiến trường. Trong bữa ăn, một cựu binh đã nói với ông rằng: “Giờ đây, chúng ta có thể ngồi cùng nhau sau chiến tranh là do trong văn hóa của chúng tôi, tình yêu thương vượt lên trên những hận thù”. Câu nói chân tình ấy giúp Manus nhẹ lòng.

Veterans for PeaceCome and meet Manus Campbell, a war veteran back in Vietnam working extensively to provide aid and care for children, and speaking out for peace. Manus is the founder and director of Helping Invisible Victims of War, and is also a member of Veterans for Peace.

Manus will be speaking at U Cafe on Sunday, 10th March, between 14:00-16:00. Find out about Hoa Binh Vietnam, Chapeter 160 and more. We hope to see you on Sunday!