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New products as follows are now available !

☆ table runner (brown or red):  150cm*30cm by weavers in Dong Giang & Tay Giang / D500,000-/piece

☆ dried strips of cinnamon bark:  D200,000-/Kg (this year’s grand new products! ) from Dong Giang pref.

I introduce them with some photos in these prefectures yesterday. Please don’t miss them!


cinnamon being dried in the garden

table runner

weaving work TG

weaving work TG


We offer to every Vietnamese people congratulations for your National Independence Day.

U Cafe welcomed the Shizuoka province delegation group yesterday, led by the Shizuoka assembly member Mr. Yoichi Todo, before their visit to the Da Nang foreign affairs department.

Shizuoka province delegates before their visit to Da Nang foreign affairs department 


Still in the land & in this province we receive

these news sometimes, even more than 40 years

has passed after that WAR had ended.

(by Tuoi Tre, 18th, Aug.2017)


We have to realize that

war makes us hatred

& it’ll be handed over long time.



In this week we’re making written information

in our cafe.

raw garbage bucket

Each of us are conscious of environment protection

& barrier-free.

Japanse & Vietnamese students group

brought by NPO Sodateru-kai

volunteerd in Hoian.

U Cafe gave them our hands.

in the herb garden-1

in the herb garden-1

in the garden-2

in the garden-2

at the tomb Yajirobei

at the tomb Yajirobei

I wish their tour is fruitful!

I went to a small private special school

to do inspections with my friends the other day.

The principal of the school cares disabled children

with some staffs in his center,

even though he himself has visual defects.

Under great disadvantage,

praiseworty person like him devotes oneself for others.

At this school, I keenly realize the necessity of

social safety nets for vulnerable Groups .


new school house

photos: students in a classroom, &

the new school house under construction





We visited two weaving groups to purchase their hand loomed fabric.

Both of them have done the work very beautifully.


(at the factory in Tay Giang)

Thank them a lot.

We still have some problems to be solved.


(at the factory in Dong Giang)

We’ll solve them one by one, &  proceed to the next step, sewing work.


(problem to be solved!)

We’re striving for making goods of high quality.

Please have a good weekend !




It’s started summer holidays!

In U Café 3 student staffs have started working.

They’re doing their best for you

being pleasant and enjoyable in the café.

Please be good friends of them!


Working is not just to draw one’s income

but also to give something to one’s surrounding people

as you know.

I wish them to know it & joy of working.


in the first day

in the first day



We got a good news from CoTu weavers very recently.

They’ve finished weaving items which U Café had ordered.

I’m expecting that they’ve weaved well as a design drawing.

Next issue of the project is sewing.

So far they have fewer experiences for sewing

& don’t have confidence to do it.

For supporting them, we’ve been studying sewing too.

Today two of us visited a garment factory for leather article.

We’ll go to get items shortly.

Yesterday, I visited A Tieng, the capital of huyen Tay Giang,

to join the final workshop of NGO Malteser International (MI).

This NGO has been supporting people in this prefecture

for 10 years by some projects for their better lives. activity presentation

Participants had an intense brainstorming session in it.

I was taught  a lot of ways to support work from

MI members & participants.

Thank you for them.

textile of CoTu

U Café  bear a small project cooperate with weavers

in Tay Giang.

We’ll make our best endeavour for this project.


to supporters of U Café

Thank you for all of your help through this  year.

May the coming year be your best ever !