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Yesterday, we checked the water quality at 13 points

in the city.

More than 20 university students from Danang

joined our activity.  Being bathed in the harsh

direct sunlight, but they showed no sign of tiredness.

Thanks for them!

Please see their fabulous activity.


IMG_2692 IMG_2695IMG_2719

Added a new item: BOD check kit.



Receiving guidance toa soap from waste-oil

by Ms.Megumi  in the event. Thanks for her!

We sell her natural soap in our Cafe.

Her website is in Facebook, please check it.

After the event we’ve been making it by ourselves

from our waste-oil in our kitchen.


We wash tablewares by this soap inspite of the detergent.

So now we don’t need to worry about the detergent

remaining behind on your table & rash on our hands.

It’s also emvirnmentally friendly isn’t it?

I use this dissolved soap to wash my clothes

in the washing machine either.

Please enjoy our café at your ease!

See you soon!

It is pouring outside.

U Cafe is enveloped in tranquil silence.

Staffs are teaching one’s favorite cooking method to others.

She’s cooking Dashimaki now.

IMG_2561 IMG_2562

How about the taste of it?

Meanwhile we got a reservation of one tour group.

Thank you so much for coming to our Cafe in the rain.


The calendar2015 by Bridget March

met with a favourable reception.

Her picture in the calendar 2016 too expresses

beautiful natural scenery & history of Vietnam

exhaustively. This is a highly recomended  of us.


Today I consoled the Quang Chau pagoda

with a Japanese group.  One young nursery

teacher brought & played ukulele for children.

IMG_2546 IMG_2555

I thank her for her wonderful idea.

I think to give more & more chances for

them to come in contact with arts.


Well, every time of my visit it, I thank Ms.Minh Tinh

the leader of the pagoda for caring

more than 100 orphans with loving kindness.

She couldnt’ stand quiet and watch them.

How marverous she is!



It’ll be held the 3rd water quality check in the 14th Nov..

For it we’d started the preparation work.

Regent kit will arrive at U Café soon. 

We’d read the previous data, & visited ten points to pick up water as prior confirmation.. Some wells have day-to-day household waste, & some points of the river have bubbles of a detergent. I re-acknowledged the purpose of our activity that U Café seek the way how to preserve the environment with the citizens.

IMG_2480 IMG_2490


Today the power supply will be cut off for 12 hours in the city.

Please take care of yourself!


See you on the day of water quality check!