Archives for the month of: May, 2016

We got a good news from CoTu weavers very recently.

They’ve finished weaving items which U Café had ordered.

I’m expecting that they’ve weaved well as a design drawing.

Next issue of the project is sewing.

So far they have fewer experiences for sewing

& don’t have confidence to do it.

For supporting them, we’ve been studying sewing too.

Today two of us visited a garment factory for leather article.

We’ll go to get items shortly.


Last Sunday, we had a gathering with the university students

for our water quality check (WQC) project.


It was the last meeting for summarising the results of our activity

in the previous year & the first one for shaping of it in this year.

We’ll continue to do WQC in Hoi An city.

Please look forward to our activity!


Because the electrical system has broken down,

we closed the café this morning.

The damage has fixed just now.

I’m very sorry for your inconvenience.

We’ll open the café soon!


Mulberries  have just prepared in our café.


Dyed red with our fingers, we’re removing hulls of them.

In a day or two, they’ll be on your table.

It’s a hot item in our café.

Please don’t miss it!

Being back in Japan, I visited two organizations for

social contribution activities.

One is ‘NPO Takagi Fund for Citizen Science’


(at Takagi F. office)

& the other is the weekly meeting of ‘Kawasaki Chuo Rotary Club’.


(at meeting of RC Kawasaki Chuo)

Both of them are historical organizations for their activities in Japan.

Fortunately, U Café has been supported by both of them.

Visiting them, I re acknowledged that members of these organizations

take delight in their activities for others to receive benefits

from their activities.   Thank for them!