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From nearby traditional tune is coming.

It has constructed an ancestral hall.

For two days, the family cerebrates the completion of the hall.

Vietnamese people worships one’s ancestors very much.

A young generation also value them, burn an incense & pray to.

Not a few people here construct more deluxe ancestral hall

than one’s own house.

DSC00036_2 DSC00037_2 DSC00040_2

The solemn music is continuing.

Somehow the tune brings me back memories.

It resembles Japanese ‘Shōmyō’.

In Japan I have a chance to listen it very rarely.

But here it is blended in one’s daily life.

Amazing experience in this morning.


We guided Japanese university students to a studio for bamboo handicraft.

Outskirts of Hoi An, there are some villages for traditional arts & crafts.

Bamboo village is one of them.

Two experts taught them politely.

After getting the hang of bamboo weaving, each basket was woven lovely.

DSC00011_2 DSC00015_2

If you’re interested in the work, let us request.


Cua Dai beach erosion was reported half a year before.

The day before yesterday, I visited the repair work site of the beach.

The long beach was surrounded with an iron paling.

Sandbags were put inside the paling.

DSC00228_2 DSC00236_2

But high ocean waves were getting over the paling with ease

& some parts of it was toppling over.

I wonder it has carried out the investigation into the cause of the erosion.

How about the method of resolving treatment for it?

I hope, we’ll be able to swim in this precious sea again soon.

Happy day for you!

inspection for seeds germination condition &

interview tour for inhabitants for our next project

Good week for you!