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meeting photo with Mr.Tuan, Mr.Lap etc. for artifacts by CoTu


In spite of the rainy season, road works are going

in several places in the city.

On the site,  I saw a unique machine which is nostalgic for me.


It is still on active service  in the small road.

Hope for it’s future good work.


Rice fields are under the 3rd cultivation now.

Hope the crops won’t be affected by flood damage.





2 of U café members, Mr.Manus & Ms.Ly visited Quang Chau pagoda

to deliver 3 bicycles to the children in it & in order to confirm the progress

of repairing work.

These bicycles had been donated by students  had been studying

in ‘the development course Autumn 2014 in HA’.

U Café had been keeping them for a while.

Thank you for the students for their valuable gifts to the orphans in the pagoda.



The repair work, to improve the living conditions of orphans,

has progressed even better than it was expected.

Thank you for the work by Ms.Ly & the people involved.

Please watch the photos of new windows & some.

The floor material will be changed to not slippery ones &

the ceiling will be changed soon to get natural light into their space.

I am glad being related to this project.

DSC00090_2_window DSC00099_2_floor


I’ll put some photos later.

Thank you for your concern. See you soon again!

Chúng tôi mong muốn tuyển:
– Một nhân viên phục vụ nhà hàng café.
Mô tả công việc: Làm vệc từ ca chiều từ 12.30 đến 9.30 tối. Chịu trách nhiệm về đón tiếp khách, nhận order và làm đồ uống và nấu món ăn.
Yêu cầu: Tánh tình dễ thương, muốn học về nghề dịch vụ, chăm sóc khách hàng. Làm việc tự giác, ham học hỏi để nâng cao kiến thức và kĩ năng.
Cơ hội: Học tất cả các khâu trong quản lý nhà hàng. Học thêm tiếng Nhật và tiếng Anh về ngành dich vụ miễn phí. Học về văn hóa của nước Nhật từ cô chủ dễ thương.
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We U Café’s has been cooperating with Japan-Vietnam Friendship

Association Kawasaki branch (JVK). The activity of us is donating

unused bicycles from JVK to the disadvantaged students specially

to whose home is far from the school in Qunagnam & in Danang.

On the 10th, Nov., a ceremony for handing over 17 bicycles, was held

in Nam Phuoc in Quangnam.

Two singers & student singers sang beautiful songs for guests.

A Japanese volunteer university student from kawasaki sang a song

‘Doraemon’ in return for their songs.  At last, the guests & the students

went short cycling by donated bicycles together.

Thank you so much for the students & coordinators for our activity.

Please see these ceremony photos as follows:




Hope these bicycles helps!

One of our staff Tiến is very very good at cooking.

Above all, herCaoLầu, popular dish from Hội An, is very delicious.

So we’ve started to learn how to cook it from her.

Tiến gave today’s cook a passing grade.

CaoLầu will be on U café’s table at an early date.


Day by day we receive new guests.

It’s our great pleasure to accept new guests.

However once in a while, an unbidden guest visits us.

Today we had one of such guests.

It seems that he was pleased with a bathroom of U Café &

planted himself down in it.

But he is a lucky boy, today is a full moon day.

We didn’t put him on our dinner table & gently made him free.

Today's guest