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In U Cafe, bitter gourds have produced small crops.
It’s just one month after sowing seeds.
On the Hoai river, fishermen are pulling nets in.
It’s at day break.
Let’s go for a ramble, my dear!
Exellent day for you too!


According to the news, several slight earthquakes have been occured
continuously in Quang Nam province.
During these days, I felt my house shaking some times.
It was reported that the center of the shock was around 100km away from Hoian.

But I’m anxious about more powerful earthquakes may occur in the province.

The people around the area aren’t accustomed to the earthquakes.

Moreover near the seismic center, Bac Tra My district, it is going on

the construction for the hydro-power plant.

a growing bitter gourd in U cafe








It is needed an adequate evacuation plan to ensure safty for them.

Also I request the government
for enhancing disclosure of environmental impacts of
the hydro-power plant.




We’ve started to offer Bánh Dứa & Bánh Chuối with honey.

Our honey is directly from an apiarist in Buôn Ma Thuột

where it was produced.

Please don’t miss it !

ImageWhile traveling in Tay Giang district, Quangnam province.

I  came across a local brew.

In this mountain area,  

people make a special spirit with some wild sacred roots.

This root closely resembles Asian ginseng.

The spirit refreshes me & ensures me a good night’s sleep!

Good day to you!

I learned it for the first time that rice paper was thin, fine quality paper
made from parts of the rice plant, being used in watercolour art etc.
In Vietnam, there’s a lot of traditional hand crafts.
One of them is a colored woodblock printing.
An artist makes woodblock print on rice paper.
Please visit this page and enjoy vietnamese woodblock prints :

For two days, I’ve been absorbed in watching genuine paintings

& buildings under my friend’s guidance.

She is a medical doctor & a collector of Vietnamese paintings

not only for herself but also for her next project.

She has been practicing psycholotherapy in her homeland &

will start it for patients in this land.  

I  wish arts & her psychical cure will melt their bosom.

Human nature is working for others.

Child nature is being loved by others.
It is my impressions participating in
the voluntteer activities by the members of Hasu Club, Fuji-Xerox Co.,Ltd..