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Owing to suspension of water supply, U Cafe is closed tonight & tomorrow. Sorry for your inconvenience!


Cùng hc Tiếng Nht  vi Người Nht

Lớp Tiếng Nhật Cơ bản

 Hàng ngày từ:

08:30 – 10:30, hay  18:00 – 20:00

Học phí:  80.000 đồng / buổi (2 tiếng)

Địa điểm: Hội An U- Café

Từ Tháng 11/2012 đến Tháng 01/2013

      Mời các bạn đăng ký trước để được xếp lớp!







We’d sowed seeds of bitter gourd
in some pots last week.
Rainfall brings them up as expected.
Just a week later after our seeding,
they showed us lovely sprouts of them.

with full of greens on the pond


Our cafe is decorated with pictures & coffee-dyed works by

students now.

Please haunt it !

A storm warning is in effect for this area since the typhoon is
approaching. U Cafe will be closed until tomorrow.

to my friends in nearby regions

Please be careful!!

the weather turned out fine this morning!
Under the fine weather,
the recoating work has started on the wooden deck.

With the fragrance of flower, we have the smell of oil stain a bit.
Good smell of the new oil!