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Wishing you an inspiring new year!

We hope you have a peaceful and fruitful new year. In the coming year we’ll be bringing you new dishes, events, opportunities and hopefully inspiring ideas. U Cafe is closed on Tuesdays still – so we’re back in business from the New Year’s Day 2014. We hope to see you soon!


We’re trying to cook braised fish
in claypot (Cá kho tộ).
It’ll be ready & on your table very soon.
(photo is a trial one)
See you soon!



Somehow I’m feeling rushed these days.

But I snatch a few minutes from my duties & join gatherings of welcoming spring, mochi-tsuki.

Nha Hang Hiep Si near the HA market hass started making Japanese rice cakes this afternoon.

Please join in!

桃の家 大磯

In peaceful Oiso, guests of Momonoya enjoy serene and organic cuisine. The pleasure of knowing the family and their restaurant include meeting people like Arthur Binard who often visit for stimulating talks. // 神奈川県大磯町にある桃の家。健康と環境を案じた料理、アーサー・ビナードさんの講演をはじめとした多彩な企画を楽しむことが出来る静かな古民家ダイニングです。

Happy Christmas!

Wishing you an exciting, happy and merry Christmas from U Cafe Hoi An!

In the year 2013, U Café got 3 new staffs.
They’ve started to work with their best &
look forward to the New Year fixing their eyes on respective aims.
I also watch for the coming year eagerly
to overcome difficulties and obstacles in front of us.
Thank you for your continued support in advance.
Happy New year & all the best for new ventures!

For several days, I stayed at the foot of a mountain.
Guessing melancholy at dusk in the late of autumn,
but to my surprise, I was greeted by ablaze autumn tints.
Day by day, it became more bright shade of red & yellow.
And the last morning a tea field was frosted.
The scene was beautiful beyond expression!

Trainers' training

東京で、辛淑玉さんと一緒に昼食とミーティング。Uカフェの職業訓練プログラム、有機農業やファーマーズ・マーケットについて話し合いました。//With Ms. Shin Sugok we discuss cooking and hospitality training programs at U Cafe. Ms. Shin is a personnel development consultant in Tokyo.

Thanks for your support!

Along with our friends in Japan and from Vietnam we are at the award ceremony of Foundation for Encouragement of Social Contribution. Reiko and U Café – among many others – are being awarded by the foundation for humanitarian aid and environmental protection work.

We meet and talk to Tran Van Soi and Michiko Yoshii of FFSC as well as Masanori Shodoshima of V Heart, who are awarded for their work in Ho Chi Minh City. People from Tokyo Shure are also here as Keiko Okuchi and their work are recognized by the foundation. A woman in her black dress approaches Reiko and they start talking. She is the Japanese First Lady Akie Abe, I am told. Stories are shared, glasses are raised and business cards are exchanged with smiles.

So, thanks once again for supporting U Cafe Hoi An and its work! Let us know if you’re interested in working with U Cafe or have ideas/projects you want to explore.