We’re examining water quality in the ponds of U Café every 2 months.
For these some months, the septic tank hasn’t been working well.
Because of it, I can’t say that water quality of U Café
is in good condition these days.
Sorry for that.
The result of the tests is as follows:
a: pond on 2F, b: pond on 3F, c: the river in front of U Café,
d: BaLe well (giếng Bá Lễ)
COD a: 20 b: 50 c: 20 d: 5
TN-i a: 5 b: 5 c: 5 d: 10
NO3 a: 0.2 b: 10.5 c: 0.2 d: 10
PO4 a: 0.1 b: 0.1 c: 0.1 d: 1
NH4 a: 0.2 b: 0.1 c: 0.2 d: 0.2
State your impressions on it, thank you in advance.