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Come and take part in water quality test – and find out how safe your water is!

U Cafe Hoi An has carried out several water quality tests at its facilities and the River Hoai since its opening in 2011. These checks are an important part of U Cafe’s eco-social commitments to people in Hoi An, Quang Nam and Viet Nam. U Cafe’s ponds are filled with clean water that has been treated through the ecological wastewater system set up inside the Cafe. Regular water quality tests have proven its quality.

These water quality checks will be broadened this year, to include other rivers and water wells in Hoi An, on a regular basis from April 2015 until March 2016. People interested in environmental conservation will be able to participate and to check the quality of the water. The test results will be published and will form a foundation for ecological projects in the future.

Residents, students from universities and high-schools, officials and employees of government and NGOs interested in environmental conservation are invited to join the project. Priority will be given to applicants who are able to attend 2 workshops and the following 5 days listed below.

The first 2 workshops at U Cafe Hoi An will introduce the project where you can also learn how to use the testing kit.

Day 1: 13:30   Saturday, 18 April, 2015

Introduction to the project and the water test kit

Guest speaker: Associate Professor Keiko Hirota, Gifu Academy of Forest Science and Culture

Day 2: 08:30, Sunday, 19 April, 2015

Practicing data collection at locations in Hoi An, starting at U Cafe Hoi An

Following schedule

Five tests in total are planned for the following days, and will be moved a week later in case of restricting weather conditions:

2015:   9 May, 11 July, 12 September, 14 November

2016:   9 January

The test results including collected data and analysis will be made available on 27 February, 2016. U Cafe Hoi An will host this event where project participants will be able to discuss future plans and scopes.


Following substances in water will be measured in the tests.

BOD                Biochemical Oxygen Demand of the river

COD                Chemical Oxygen Demand

COD-D            Chemical Oxygen Demand low concentration

PO4                 Phosphoric acid low concentration

PO4-C             Phosphoric acid high concentration

PO4-D             Phosphoric acid low concentration

TN-I                 Total nitrogen

NH4-C             Drainage of ammonium

NO3                Nitrate, nitrate nitrogen