Meeting in the 25th, March 2015

Participants: LeLy, Manus, Ly & Reiko @ U café


1, The balance of the benefit of the event May2014

Paid for the repair in Nov.2014

The balance in 25,Mar. 2015  is D33,135,000-(around USD1,693-)

2, The request from the nun (Ms. Minh Tinh) is to buy new beds.

The reason is some beds bought in y2014 were already broken.

We’ll check the condition of the beds then decide our support.

3, Inspection date:

We’ll visit QC pagoda in the 26th, March 2015.


Inspection in the 26th, Mar.2015 AM

Participants: LeLy, Ly & Reiko


We checked the requested beds & they’re able to be repaired.

We called a supplyer nearby & checked the costs of the materials to repair.

We bought materials for beds & water feed valves etc. from him on the spot & requested to 10 volunteers to fix them. The repair work will be finished in one day.




The donated money:

The balance of the donated money at the event 2014 should be used for  repairing & employment of one nurse & one nursery school teacher for some months. It is for teaching the care staffs in the pagoda how to care better. Ms.Ly started to search them immediately. Thanks for her !

The donated money kept in U café, from Japanese donors, will be used to buy playing equipment in the yard, picture books, KAMISHIBAI & music equipment. Because we think that the babies & the infants need to take precedence to develop their mind & sensibility.

We hope that all supporters will agree with us to our decision.

We also request you all to support the babies & infants in the pagoda continuously. Thank you for your further support in advance.

Photos in 26th, Mar.2015


The latest comer (the left side one) is just 5-day-old baby.

Once again please support them!