2 of U café members, Mr.Manus & Ms.Ly visited Quang Chau pagoda

to deliver 3 bicycles to the children in it & in order to confirm the progress

of repairing work.

These bicycles had been donated by students  had been studying

in ‘the development course Autumn 2014 in HA’.

U Café had been keeping them for a while.

Thank you for the students for their valuable gifts to the orphans in the pagoda.



The repair work, to improve the living conditions of orphans,

has progressed even better than it was expected.

Thank you for the work by Ms.Ly & the people involved.

Please watch the photos of new windows & some.

The floor material will be changed to not slippery ones &

the ceiling will be changed soon to get natural light into their space.

I am glad being related to this project.

DSC00090_2_window DSC00099_2_floor


I’ll put some photos later.

Thank you for your concern. See you soon again!