Mùng Năm tháng Năm has been considered as Tết Đoan Ngọ or Tết giết sâu bọ in Vietnam, but most of people know about the name ” Mùng Năm tháng Năm”.

If you have a opportunity to visit Hoi An market today, yesterday, the day before yesterday, you will see huge of plants , leaves for sale, some already have been brought to home to dry in hot sun and ready for making tea in some month, locals believe that they drink leaves or plants which are cut today are healthy and can recover all disease.

It will also be a good chance for you to buy ashes sticky rice cake with salty taste which Vietnamese people often eat with sugar. These cake are wrap in special leaves they just use for this kind of cake. Besides, around noon in May 5, most of Hoi An inhabitants stopped to work in order to do ceremony for ancestor, with altar in front of their house with cakes, fruits, special sweet soup and colorful candies. With me it is “Sweet Tet” :).

One important food with Hoi An locals in May Fifth we never forget is duck. Yesterday, the duck garden which is next to U cafe Hoi An was full of ducks, and so quickly, it is no duck anymore, maybe they were end at the market.

If you want to see how people enjoy May Fifth, you could be off the old town and enter the countryside and explore, doors are closed and ceremony are everywhere, no work, just drink :). Today is Tet!