If you learn about history of Quang Nam province, you will have notice that  mulberry and silk is a part of culture in this area.

In Cam Chau ward, from U cafe Hoi An, it takes around few minutes to go to see mulberry gardens of local. By main reason of taking mulberry leaves for growing silkworm, we also have opportunity to enjoy fresh mulberry juice and tasty mulberry wine. When harvest season is coming, we come to see farmer and order them before the date, and it will be great to receive all ripe fresh mulberry fruits. And it is time to make mulberry juice and its wine.

Mulberry juice,

What we need:

Summer 🙂 (this is season of mulberry)

1 kg ripe mulberries

0.5 – 0.8 kg brown sugar (up to your taste)

1 big glass jar

How to make it: Wash mulberries and keep them in basket until drain all water. Mix mulberries and sugar. Keep it overnight in cool place (fridge). After that, when you see a lot juice come out from mulberries. You can start to drink juice and keep it in fridge until you finish. But if you would like to keep mulberries juice longer with big amount, after one night mix mulberries with sugar, you can cook it until it become thick (around 10 – 15 minutes), and you can keep it until you finish.(U cafe use that way all the time and our guests love it)

Mulberry wine:

What we need:

Summer (We have mulberry and the weather is warm for fermenting, perfect ^^)

2 kg of mulberry

1 – 1,2 kg of brown sugar

Big glass jar

How to make:

Similar to the way make mulberry juice, but instead of put mixture to fridge, we put jar into cool place, and keep it in one month, after that you can start to drink wine, yum!

Image Mulberry and sugar mixture

Surprising, I had a chance to visit to Hoi An silk village month and talked with founder, he is very nice to share with me his idea to rebuild the silk culture of Quang Nam province. I was excite to take a tour to study about process to make silk, it was informative. In the garden, there are plenty of old mulberry trees they have tried to grow. 


Finally, let’s enjoy mulberry juice.