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Along with our friends in Japan and from Vietnam we are at the award ceremony of Foundation for Encouragement of Social Contribution. Reiko and U Café – among many others – are being awarded by the foundation for humanitarian aid and environmental protection work.

We meet and talk to Tran Van Soi and Michiko Yoshii of FFSC as well as Masanori Shodoshima of V Heart, who are awarded for their work in Ho Chi Minh City. People from Tokyo Shure are also here as Keiko Okuchi and their work are recognized by the foundation. A woman in her black dress approaches Reiko and they start talking. She is the Japanese First Lady Akie Abe, I am told. Stories are shared, glasses are raised and business cards are exchanged with smiles.

So, thanks once again for supporting U Cafe Hoi An and its work! Let us know if you’re interested in working with U Cafe or have ideas/projects you want to explore.