Phùng Thị Lệ LýOver lunch at An Bang Beach, good friends Le Ly and Reiko exchange shared memories and updates. Then they agree to organise an event at U Cafe for Le Ly to speak at this Sunday, 21 April.

Le Ly Hayslip [Phùng Thị Lệ Lý] is the founder of Global Village Foundation, East Meets West, author of two autobiographical bestsellers When Heaven and Earth Changed Places and Child of War, Woman of Peace (later adapted for the film Heaven and Earth by Oliver Stone), and a vibrant individual. For dessert we share pineapples from a market with chili and salt, and she shoots back to Da Nang.

Le Ly’s talk will start at 14:00 on Sunday, where you can find out more about her experiences on working for education and peace at the grassroots of Vietnam, and share ideas and hopes.

Global Village Foundation photo album