Cafe view from River HoaiAfter capturing sunrise and a fish market 4km down stream, we cruise pass U Cafe on a boat. It is a trial run for a new photo tour and I had the honour of accompanying my photographer friends Manus, Huan and Vinh. (Huan is also one of the U Cafe architects.) This is the second time I see the Cafe from the river, and the first time not to be in the water dodging tour boats.

We sit in a cafe by the fish market across from Hoi An. We show each other the photographs freshly captured and share our ideas. Despite our 5 am departure the photography team is in good spirits. ”Early bird gets the worm,” says Manus. “Slow buffalo drinks muddy water,” replies Huan. We finish our coffee and hop back on the boat. Then we photograph traditional bamboo stilts fishing, and buy the fish the next minute.

When we get off the boat Hoi An centre has lost its calm, filled with tourists’ buzz and motorbikes. We leave the ancient quarter and with the sun caramelizing our skin find another photo sharing cafe.