Stacking Green by Vo Trong NghiaThe architect Võ Trọng Nghĩa has been recognised globally for his distinctive designs. Some of his architectures share similar concepts with U Cafe, and have been raising awareness for ecological buildings that combine people’s living with the surrounding natural environment and resources.

“I don’t like trite and hollow knowledge. I only study what I like,” claims Nghia, who studied architecture in Hanoi and Nagoya, Japan, and leaving academia and returning to Vietnam to “seek failure.” He says new successes “must be built from the courage to break down the past success”.

Low Cost House by Vo Trong Nghia

From a house in Ho Chi Minh City (top) with layers of planters forming its facade to reduce direct sunlight entering the house and creating natural ventilation of wind through the building, a bamboo dome on a lake in Binh Duong Province, to homes designed to address housing issues (above), Vo Trong Nghia Architects continue to provide creative ecological and social solutions through architecture.