Yesterday, responding to the needs of a young guest of U Café,

I visited a pharmacy for oriental medicine with him.

It had a lot of jars with special flavors.

Talking with him, I noticed a difference between

western medicine & eastern medicine.

By western medicine, you receive a medical prescription

by your condition don’t you?

Everybody receives a same medicine by one’s condition.

On the other hand, people here  hbitually I visit a chemist’s

for traditional herbal medicine to buy some leaves for one’s tea.

And when being out of shape, one visits it to buy a dispenced medicine

just for him or her.

So you may receive different medicine from your friend

even if you both arre in the same symptoms.

In oriental medicine, medice is prescribed not only for

one’s symptons but also for one’s physical constitution.

I perceived this truth durig the conversation with him.

It is said that   ‘Treasure every meeting for it will never recur.’ by Reiko